Saturday, April 25, 2015

Relaxing Disneyland Day meeting characters, goats and horses

It's Saturday and we've got no plans. Theresa made the excellent suggestion that we should go to Disneyland!

It's nice to be back on Main Street USA. Along the way we waved at the horses pulling the trolleys.

It's lunchtime and I had my heart set on a corn dog from the little red wagon. Sadly everyone else had the same idea and it was at least a 20 minute wait. Instead we grabbed a hot dog from the Refreshment Corner and listened to the piano player while we ate. Again Ian powered through an entire hot dog plus some chips.

He eats the hot dog, but leaves the bun. That means we get to use it to feed the ducks!

Ian really enjoyed tossing the bread to the birds.

Our plan was to head back into the newly opened Critter Country and ride Winnie the Pooh. It had a line all the way out the entrance, so instead Theresa and I took Ian to meet Pooh and his friends.

Ian was excited to see Tigger. After 15 minutes we were to the front of the line. Would he still be interested?

Oh yes! He loved it! Giving Tigger hugs, kissing his nose, and just being fascinated with him.

For Eeyore, T and I were curious if he'd walk up to him on his own or if we'd need to coax him.

Eeyore got down and Ian walked right up to him, pointing at his nose and rubbing his belly. I wonder if he thought that he was a giant stuffed animal.

A quick smiling photo.

And then a hug before we go. Nice job buddy. So brave.

Last up was Winnie the Pooh. Same as before he walked right up to Pooh.

Sharing a moment.

And giving him a hug.

Big Thunder Ranch was next on our list. Along the way, we crossed the bridge near Big Thunder Mountain. There we saw ducklings swimming by, so we knew we had to use the rest of that hot dog bun to feed them.

He's loving feeding the animals.

And there were lots of animals coming to take a look. There were tiny little minnows eating the bread when it first hit the water, then either the ducks would get it, or the fish would eat it.

All the activity stirred the interest of a turtle too.

After running out of bread, the three of us continued to Big Thunder Ranch where the burros were moving to a different pen.

The goats were next and Ian adored them. Once we got inside, I let him have free reign and run wherever he wanted. The goats in here are so docile.

Bianca has grown up since the last time we saw her.

But Ian's favorite goat by far today had to be Bernard.

Ian would pet Bernard, then get distracted by another goat and run off to pet it, then come running back to find Bernard again.

Saying hi to another goat trying to take a nap. There's a couple lambs who also hang out in here, but they're always behind the keep-out fence when we've visited. Eventually he'll get to pet one of those.

Turns out those burros were leaving to make room for Robert the horse. Ian gently patted Robert's nose. This guy is huge!

Love you mommy. Good suggestion to come to Disneyland today.

The first and only ride we went on today was King Arthur's Carrousel. Jingles was missing, so we still haven't been on him, but we grabbed another outside horse.

Hi five mommy.

We had to get home to do dinner with friends, and all other rides were sporting wait times of 40 minutes or higher. Time to catch a ride on the tram back to the car.

Among his new words, he now knows how to say "down". T was holding him, but he'd rather sit on the bench like a big boy.

It appears we left just in time. As we were getting back to the parking structure, the rain which had previously been a drizzle, started pouring.

But Ian was covered and warm with his Duffy bear.

I mentioned above that on the carrousel Jingles was missing. I think I found out what happened to him. It's "Show Your Disney Side Week" on Wheel of Fortune and look who happens to be in the background...

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