Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magic Kingdom part 2

Part 2 of our day at the Magic Kingdom.

After getting off the Carousel of Progress, it was time to join up with the rest of the family.

How many people can we squeeze in a tea cup? Looks like 5.

Seeing as it was a warm day, some of our group felt like frozen lemonades. Ian is certainly a fan.

Both Pooh and Tigger walked by to go to their meet and greets. Ian waved at them until they were out of sight.

While some were happy with a frozen lemonade I knew what treat I wanted. A delicious Dole Whip float!

Abby was in the mood for a churro, and Amy was in the mood to embarrass her. Amy started singing loud to the background music playing in Frontierland. The person selling churros enjoyed it so much, she gave them a 2nd one for free!

What better place to enjoy our treats than the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Even after all our trips here, there's some things the kids still haven't done. Can you believe this is their first time?

Ian likes it. I think everyone else liked it too.

Donald and Austin have been missing for a while. They ran off to Epcot and grabbed school bread from the Norway pavilion and brought it back for everyone.

Mmm. School bread. I wonder if Ian likes it.

Just a little taste.

He likes it good enough. Who handed him that spoon?

Oh yeah. He loved it.

Two spoons? He was scraping the tray for as much as he could get of this.

Before it gets too late, I knew we'd need to get a group photo in front of the castle.

With family pictures to follow afterwards of course.

And a photo of the grandkids together of course.

Ian showing off.

A Flowers family photo.

While we were getting our photo, Donald knew of a little boy who just had to have a balloon.

He was excited!

And after he got it, he didn't want to let it go.

Seriously. This was a great present. Now he even knows how to say balloon. "Boo-oon."
Grandparents with the grandkids.

For dinner we all headed to the Columbia Harbour House. Ordering food wasn't an issue, but once it was time to find a table, we were having trouble. Enter Cast Member Will, who saw us looking for a table and stepped in to help. He headed to the 2nd floor, pushed some tables together for us, and came back downstairs. Chi prefers not to use stairs, so we were taken backstage to the kitchen to use the elevator to get to the 2nd floor. Will truly went above and beyond to help us out, so when we got home, I sent an email to to tell them how much we appreciated it.  

We're getting close to Ian's bedtime, so there's only time for one more ride.

Waving goodbye to the people on the dock.

Chi, Richard, T, Ian and I all left shortly afterwards. Main Street was so crowded an area backstage was opened to allow easy access to the front of the park.

Any time backstage is a good time.

The five of us left the wheelchair Chi had been using for the day at the top of the loading zone and jumped on the monorail. Ian was happily waving hi to anyone who would look his way.
About halfway to the Ticket and Transportation center, Chi realized she'd left a bag hanging on the back of the wheelchair. Once we arrived at the Ticket and Transportation center, we just stayed on and rode it back to the park.
As soon we pulled up, I jumped off to look for the bag, and was told they'd seen it and sent it along on the next monorail and that I could find it at Home Base. So back around we go again to the Ticket and Transportation Center. Arriving there, I asked the first monorail cast member I saw where I could find Home Base, and was met with an "I don't know what that is" look. I explained we were missing a bag and was told to head to the Lost and Found office not far away.

Yes, this Lost and Found office that closed 2 hours ago...
Next we checked the gift shop to see if they might have it. No luck there. After maybe 10 minutes of phone calls, I headed back up the monorail ramp to the island in the center and sure enough, our bag was there.

So in the end, we were a little delayed getting home from the parks.
Ian loves his Grandpa.

All this running around, tomorrow's relax day at the house is going to be a good change of pace.

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