Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ian gets his Easter basket and hunts for eggs

Happy Easter!

 T did a really good job putting together his Easter basket.

Let's check out all the goodies! There's a kite that we'll be getting out something in the future.

A ball that lights up.

Jumbo crayons and a coloring book.

How fun!

Next it's time to see what's inside these eggs!

Raisins. Meh.
Fruit snacks. Meh.

I know what this is!

Mommy got me Saf-T-Pops!

Oh boy! I love these!

Play dough!

He loved poking his finger through it and breaking pieces off to give to mommy. I don't think we'll let him play with this alone in the house...

Next up, it's time for an Easter Egg hunt! I dyed a whole bunch of real eggs when all of our friends came over.

And they weren't so much hidden versus just scattered around the yard.

Walking out holding his easter basket.

We grab an egg...

And put it in the basket.

He was too cute, picking up an egg and then giving the bunny a taste.

Grandpa pointing out the eggs.

Off to gather eggs. He wasn't all that gentle putting eggs into the basket. You'd hear a noticeable crack when he'd toss it in.

There's way too many eggs here!

After gathering a few, it became more fun to take them out of the basket instead of collecting them.

Time to gather all the eggs so we can send them back to the easter bunny.

Finishing gathering the eggs.

It certainly was a colorful looking bag of eggs.

And now, just because I can, here's my favorite eggs from this year.
I'm not sure how this blue one turned out like it did. It was a regular dye bath and I didn't think I did anything special to it. But the colors on it turned out great!

These next two eggs show what happens if you create some tiny cracks in the shell before you dye them.

And from what I see, the food coloring that says it's black, is really just a dark purple.

This was an experiment with electrical tape. I dyed the entire egg yellow to start. Then I applied electrical tape to the top part of the egg and dyed it again in brown.

Again the electric tape made an appearance. It started with a white egg with some tape, then dyed in yellow. After that, more tape was added and dyed in blue. Finally more tape was added and pink was the final color.

A result of the Paas glitter pack.

A multi-layered egg. I used a metal egg holder from the Paas pack, bent it to hook onto the side of the dye bath, and did multiple colors that way, all layering on top of each other.

For these next two eggs, I used a paint brush and vaseline. For this one I started with the white egg, painted polka dots and dropped it into the blue dye.

This one I dyed pink first, then painted polka dots and dropped it into the same blue dye bath.

This was me just going crazy with the paint brush.

For this one, I poured a small amount of oil into the dye bath. I agitated the water to make it separate and then dunked the egg in it. Then I put it into the dye to soak. The oil created a random splatter of speckles that looked pretty neat.

This was my quick and dirty don't look at it too closely R2-D2.

When I was boiling eggs, this one happened to crack which caused egg white to come out. I thought it looked interesting and when I put it in the yellow dye, it almost looked like feet sticking out the bottom.

Hope you enjoyed the eggs! Happy Easter!

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