Friday, April 10, 2015

Last couple days in Florida, relaxing at the house

Still in Florida and all our Disney World days are done. To finish this vacation we're enjoying a relaxing day at the house before it's time to head home.

After a full day at Epcot and the Animal Kingdom, many of us were ready to soak our tired feet in the hot tub.

Who's this at the door at this hour? It's my parents! They're in town for a wedding and stopped in.

The next morning Ian was surprised to see his Pop Pop when he woke up.

Gram, we're going into the pool!

Ian loves the pool!

Enjoying an otter pop on a hot day in the pool.

A few more people joining Ian in the pool.

Those of us who weren't in the pool enjoyed some relaxing time reading books and enjoying the sun.

Time to get out of the pool for lunch.

And lunch is of course followed by dessert.

Whoa, Pop Pop, that's good stuff. I like ice cream.

Got any more?

It was great to see Gram and Pop Pop but they've got to take off for the wedding.

Time to give hugs.

Then wave goodbye.

Time to get back into the pool!

After this entire week playing in the pool, Ian's gotten pretty good swimming with his puddle jumper floatation suit.

Time for games!

Theresa was a tough game master, seeing who could hold their breath the longest, do the longest handstand, and walk the furthest across the pool on their hands.

Next it was girls vs boys and wheelbarrow races across the pool.

That night, the more adventurous of us all enjoyed Miracle Berries. Again the grapefruit and lemons were delicious.

Saturday was a long day of flying back home.

Walt Disney World was awesome and we had a great time visiting with family.

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