Sunday, May 1, 2022

Strawberry picking at Southern Hill Farms with Rita and Aubrey

Since we've got visitors, let's go out and do something fun! It was only a few weeks ago when Rita was out here last that we went Strawberry Picking at Southern Hill Farms. She's back again, but this time the strawberry season is starting to come to an end. There's only 2 days left for U-Pick Strawberries this season!

This way to the strawberry fields!

Last time we were directed to pick from a specific field, because the berries would be the most ripe and their workers had pre-picked certain fields to sell strawberries locally. Today though, all the fields are wide open for anyone to pick from. 

That's because the strawberries here are starting to get a little too aged. The berries we pick today are already quite ripe and would be best for only a day or two. Recognizing this, Southern Hill Farms has reduced the price of strawberries from $4 per pound down to $2 a pound! 

The fields are smelling wonderful, like fresh ripe strawberries. Beautiful Aubrey! You've already found some good ones.

Aubrey and Alli took a couple rows, going up and down, picking the reddest ripest strawberries they can find. 

I found a few good ones!

Lovely Ian! Looks like some keepers. 

Ian found a lucky lady bug. 

And maybe a not so lucky weevil? I'm not familiar with this kind of bug. 

That definitely looks like a heart Ian. 

It was a little bit slower picking the good ones amongst the overripe ones today, but in less than 30 minutes we got as many as we thought we'd be able to eat. 

What a beautiful day. 

Theresa getting a smell of our freshly picked strawberries. In the end I think we bought about 6 pounds. Not bad since they're only $2 a pound. 

That's still a lot of strawberries that we're going to have to eat quickly!

Hmm, how can we eat a lot of strawberries quickly? Dessert after dinner! Rita got everything washed up.

Aubrey and the kids prepped the strawberries. 

And I made a tasty cream cheese filling. 

Then the kids started working on filling them. 

Chocolate covered strawberries and also chocolate covered strawberries with cream cheese filling!

The fruits of all your labor today Alli. 


Very tasty Ian!

Chocolate covered strawberries for Theresa. 

Maybe a little extra cream cheese frosting for me. 

It was a fun day of picking strawberries and making a tasty dessert that night!

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  1. Great strawberry picking for only 30 minutes...lots of red, juicy ones in the box. What teamwork in creating the cream cheese-filled strawberries and chocolate-covered ones!...looks refreshingly delicious!! Guess just a "little" extra cream cheese on the strawberry can't hurt :-) That was a nice mother-daughter photo of Rita and many similarities. It was a beautiful, sunny day for strawberry fun! EOM