Thursday, May 26, 2022

Visiting Family in Mississippi - Aunt Kim, Uncle Mark, and Cousin Brittany

Time to visit with more family in Mississippi! This time we get to visit with my Aunt Kim, Uncle Mark, Cousin Brittany, and the rest of the family! 

We've seen Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark within the last few years, but I don't know that I've seen my cousin Brittany in 20 years. A lot has happened in that time! For one, my hair has changed color. And now we've both got kids. This will be the first time they meet and get to play together! (Photo from 2002)

Aunt Kim is in a new house since we've seen her last, and she's done a number on this backyard. It's beautiful! Plus it's got some fun play areas where their grandkids can play when they come over. 

For dinner we could order pizza or something... or how about we throw together a meal instead? Theresa and I prepped a bunch of ingredients at the RV before coming here. It's going to be a Mongolian BBQ night!

Everyone grabbed a bowl and loaded it up with whatever meats and veggies they wanted. If your meal doesn't taste good, that's on you!

And it's always a treat to have fresh bread along with it. I brought the ingredients for sesame flatbread (minus the sesames, because I don't carry those around in the RV). I rolled everything out, and tossed it into a hot oven. 

Perfect! Flaky and puffy! Ready to get a dollop of honey on the inside!

Ian, Annabel, and Alli loved eating together at the kids table. They were little chatterboxes, while the adults talked at the dining room table. They became fast friends. 

For dessert, Aunt Kim picked up a few Nothing Bundt Cakes which were tasty, but the kids were even more distracted by the full size popcorn machine by the living room! They got to help pour the kernels and oil into the hopper and turn it on. 

Then watched as it made fresh buttery popcorn. And up top were a half dozen different flavorings to put on it too! 

The kids grabbed their popcorn and disappeared up the stairs with Annabel to the "radio room" where she's got a craft station and maker space! Awesome! The kids love maker spaces!

Filled with bows, pipe cleaners, paper, and more, they spent the rest of the night together up there while the adults talked downstairs. I don't really have pictures of us talking, but I snagged a few of the kids. 

Annabel filled an entire bag of pipe cleaners made into "bows" for Ian and Alli to take with them back in the RV. 

We got to meet Brittany's husband Brian for the first time. It's been a fun night of chatting and catching up again after all these years. We shouldn't have waited this long to come visit. Our Mississippi family are good people and the kids loved playing with each other. 
We look forward to getting back together again when we're here again later this year! Or maybe even meeting up in Florida at Disney World! 
We've got to get back to the RV and get these kids to bed. Tomorrow is a travel day and we're heading west!

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  1. That backyard looks like a wonderful place to play, plant, and just enjoy some outdoor air...lovely! What a full day, especially for the kids...Alli, Ian & Annabel became such fast friends and had a great time together, especially in the maker space. That full-size popcorn machine was quite a novelty...probably reminded the kids of a carnival or a Disney Park (all those special popcorn munchies after Club Cool!) What a dinner spread...lots of Mongolian BBQ ingredients to choose from, and even homemade sesame bread...delicious meal. That was a fun 2002 flashback photo to see! Great that you can all re-connect with family in Mississippi. EOM