Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mississippi Visit Day 2 - Children's Museum and more

It's our second day in Mississippi and today we're hanging out with lots of family. To start, we're going to the Mississippi Children's Museum with my Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark. It's been years since we've seen either of them so it was really great to hang out with them.

Alli was right at home with Aunt Kim.

We'll start by learning about farming and agriculture. Ian, what do we get from cows?


While doing the various activities here, you'd make these green and yellow balls pop out.

From there, you'd load the balls into the harvester, which would send them through various tubes back into the barn.

Gram climbing up into the barn and going down the slide with Ian.

After the farm, we all went to a farmer's market and shopped for various fruits and vegetables, putting them in a little shopping bag.

...and after you eat all those foods, they go through your digestive system. There was an exhibit that followed the path of food through your body until finally... And there were even sound effects. Of course Ian wanted to go on that more than once.

By pulling on ropes, we could see how the joints on this skeleton worked.

Time for a puppet show!

Put on by Aunt Kim!

Playing on the giant Scrabble board. It's Ian!

Someone really likes his letters and is trying to figure out spelling. He'd put different letters down and ask "What's that word?"

Enjoying the climbing wall.

Timing himself to see how long it takes to run a lap.

The blue screen booth was pretty fun.

Ian's in the shower singing Rubber Duckie.

And Alli got into it too! She was jumping up and down to the music.

We really liked the music room. Alli shaking the tambourine and banging on the drum. 

There was a giant jukebox as well and you could dance to the music.

I think we need to work a little bit on someone's dancing.

For lunch, we'd go to Sal & Mookie's, a nearby pizza place that was pretty tasty.

Oh, and it's a ice cream shop too. Whoa. Look at all the flavors!

Normally he's a vanilla fan, but you can get vanilla anywhere. After tasting my huckleberry ice cream, Ian changed from his normal and ate a whole cup of huckleberry ice cream by himself!

Great seeing you!

After lunch, it was back to Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna's house. Love these looming storm clouds.

Those clouds would end up breaking open and we'd enjoy sitting in the back sunroom listening to the rain hit the roof. Aunt Donna has saved so many old toys that Ian just loved playing with.

Alli really liked Uncle Gary. Maybe it's the beard.

And Alli loved rocking in my cousin Sharon's old baby chair.

Speaking of my cousin Sharon, we're headed to her house tonight for dinner!

More toys!

After some tasty hamburgers, we'd break out the board games.

Thanks for dinner!

I don't know why it is, but we never go to Dairy Queen back home. After dinner, she was really feeling like dessert and had a particular desire for the ice cream cake. There weren't any in the case, but they made her an ice cream cupcake after her special request. Perfect!

And the kids and I enjoyed a banana split. A good end to a great day!

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