Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor - July

Welcome to the 2016 Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor. We try to get down to Long Beach at least once a year to experience the Stroll and Savor with Jacob. Good thing for us, they host it 4 months each summer.

Got our tickets? Perfect! 12 tickets for $10, so $0.80 per ticket. Probably helps you spend a little more just thinking you're spending tickets and not handing over cash for each item.

I think the perfect place to start is on the North West side of it all at La Strada. Starting here, you're out of the sun when it's hottest, plus as you'll see, you finish with dessert at the Frosted Cupcakery.
Theresa and I were both very happy to see bruschetta back on the menu here, and only costing 1 ticket ($0.80). Without even sampling it, Theresa ordered 3!

I think they're delicious too, and also ordered a bruschetta as well as a slice of white pizza.

Here Alli, you try it.

She loves it!

At Thai Gourmet, I saw cream cheese crab wontons available. I love these normally, but after Theresa bit into one, I saw a big lump of crab and knew these weren't for me.

Panama Joe's offered a chicken mole, and Tavern on 2 had a 5 cheese Mac and Cheese. Lucky for me, I have someone I can split just about anything with

Running out of tickets already? Better grab a few more. Lucky for us, there's plenty of places to pick up more.

Well the worst deal of the day I felt was the tri-tip slider from Legend's Restaurant and Sports Bar. For 3 tickets ($2.40) you got a small dinner roll with a single tiny piece of tri-tip on it. I would have felt ripped off at Disneyland with this portion. Here it was just ridiculous.

Especially considering that at The Shore just a little further away you can get a steak sandwich for 4 tickets.

It was really nice being on the shady side of the street, but a detour became necessary. On a few of our past visits, Simmzy's has offered brussels sprouts but had ran out by the time we made it to that side of the street. Today though, we crossed early to get 3 orders of them between Theresa and Jacob, then headed back to the shady west side of the street.

I see you eyeballin my ice cream kid. Powell's Sweet Shop offered a tasty raspberry sorbet and a delicious strawberry ice cream.

Ah, look at those parents planning ahead. In past years, we'd get here and lament that we'd forgotten the bibs, and Ian would get super messy. After trying a few licks of the strawberry, he decided raspberry was his favorite.

Alli was wondering where hers was.

At Dogz Bar and Grill, for just 3 tickets you got 2 delicious pulled pork sliders and a side of homemade chips! Best deal of the day I think.

And with a name like Dogz, they have to offer some kind of hot dog, right? While Ian was finishing his sorbet, Alli was really wanting to get a hold of that hot dog.

At the very end of the street, Cheese Addiction offers a variety of options for 2 tickets each or 3 items for 5 tickets.

We all shared a cup of aged cheddar cubes (yum), a couple Brazilian cheese breads (double yum because they were still warm), and a brownie with goat cheese (sadly I could hardly taste any cheese). Overall though, still a good experience.

Crossing the street now, we're all starting to feel full and have slowed down our sampling.

Domenico's has a tasty ground pepperoni pizza that is a must to have each year. They also make a pretty good sausage tomato cream pasta.

Told you we were full, right? There's fewer offerings on this side of the street, but still, we passed everything until we made it to our last stop of the night. At the Frosted Cupcakery, each mini-cupcake is only 1 ticket. Jacob and I are big fans of the salted caramel high-tops, while Theresa loves the red velvet cupcakes.

New to us this year was a giant sugar cookie for 2 tickets.

Ian doesn't really care about the cake part, but he'll take a big lick of icing.

Aww. Someone's tired.

Too bad you can't have some of this delicious cupcake Alli.

Once again, the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor was a big hit with us. There were so many tasty things to eat. I'm sure we'll be back again!

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