Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mississippi Visit Day 3 - Visiting Mamaw then hitting the road

It's our last day in Mississippi. Let's go visit Mamaw! She's 95 years old and the kid's great grandma!

I had previously written how my Mamaw had worked for Krystal for 35 years, and since it was nearing lunchtime, we picked it up for her before coming. 

What's this? Tabasco on a Krystal? Yum! I had a couple and they were certainly spicy.

Hi Mamaw!

Alli acting all shy, but trying to be cute.

I asked if her Krystal burger was good. She said they were "Good, Better, Best" and wondered how many thousands she's eaten in her lifetime, and how many hundreds of thousands she'd cooked in her 35 years of working for Krystal.

Alli trying one for the very first time ever with Mamaw. Alli was a big fan, pulling Theresa's hand back a few times to get another bite.

Don't you pinch my hand!

Who, me?

Next we went to the community room to talk and play a little more and take a few more pictures.

Mamaw made the kids smile, and they certainly made her smile too.

She was pretty good at finding their tickle spots.

I love Alli's face in this one. She's cracking up so much.

Even though we brought lunch, Mamaw is still going to join the other residents for lunch. That means it's time for us to say goodbye.

But Alli can get a ride over to the lunch room.

You're giving me a ride?

Time to say goodbye. Love you Mamaw.

And it's time to continue our journey to see more family. We stopped by Aunt Donna and Uncle Gary's house to drop off my mom before we continued.

Love you Gram.

Time to hit the road. We're driving from Mississippi to Missouri so we can see Theresa's grandma tomorrow. You know what's good to do on road trips? Sing songs. I learned this one a long time ago from Sesame Street and Ian picked it up really quick.

You know what else is good to do on road trips? Sleep.

During the 6.5 hour drive to Missouri, we passed through Tennessee and Arkansas. Including Missouri, that's 3 more states to check off Alli's list.

Theresa was reading me a list of places we could stop for dinner. Once she said BBQ, she didn't have to continue. We had some delicious ribs, along with some brisket, sausage, pulled pork, and fried okra. 

And you know what Alli loves! Corn! Seriously, this kept her entertained for a solid 30 minutes! We'll stay in a hotel tonight, and make the final push the rest of the way tomorrow.

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