Friday, July 29, 2016

Hanging out at a lake house at Crooked Lake Michigan - Day 5/6

After arriving in Michigan late last night, you'd think we'd be done traveling for a little while, right? No! Let's take a 5 hour road trip to Northern Michigan and spend the rest of the week at a lake house! All 6 kids rode in a van with Don and I. Boys in the boys row, and the girls in the girls row.

We needed a rest stop and this place happened to be right next to the gas station.

Inside they had lots of tasty cheese to sample.

Alli giving a 10 year old cheddar a try. It was delicious!

Someone's enjoying the time to stretch her legs.

The boys making sure the jet skis are still in good order before we continue.

And another couple hours down the road, we all stopped at Culvers for dinner.

Silly kids.

We've arrived! And the house is great! Right on the shore of the lake.

Oh boy And definitely not baby-proofed.

These long screened off porches are going to be really nice.

Cheese! Good morning Aunt Rita!

The kids wasted no time getting into the water.

Hopping in a canoe.

Good luck with that paddle Ian.

Running in to town to grab some donuts.

All sorts of tasty treats here, including a delicious maple bar topped with bacon!

And you can't forget the donuts with sprinkles for Ian.

And some mini donuts (Cheerios) for Alli.

Happy girl.

We got introduced to the game Apples to Apples. It certainly is interesting playing it with a different generation. Many of the well-known celebrities listed on the cards are unknowns to them.

Afterwards, Ian said he wanted to play the "matching game". Not sure what he's matching, but he was enjoying himself.

Can you believe I'd never ridden a jet ski before now? They were a blast!

Alli enjoying some green beans before we head into town for dessert.

Kilwins! Whenever we're in Florida at Disney World, I love stopping by the town of Celebration and having an ice cream cone from here.

Normally he's a vanilla kid, but I think seeing all those colors changed his mind.

Yummy ice cream!

Everyone enjoying something tasty.

Well, almost everyone. She certainly wasn't happy being left out.

The middle of your caramel apple? Thanks Aunt Rita.

Yum! Someone's happy now.

Ian seemed to have no trouble finishing off his scoop tonight. Must be all that practice he gets eating ice cream with his grandpa.

The next day was a day for enjoying water activities. Whether hanging out on the giant inflatable island.

Or going for rides on the jet skis, we spent a lot of time outside.

Enjoying his new bubble gun.

After a few days in Missouri, Grandpa and Grammy made their way up to the lake house to join us. I think Alli missed them.

Ian trying to splash Aunt Amy, after chasing her around with the bubble gun.

More fun in the water.

Renting a couple paddle boards.

Waving at Don and Amy on the jet ski.

Playing t-ball with Uncle Ty.

Shucking corn for dinner tonight.

And celebrating Aunt Rita's birthday that night.

Mmm. Yummy cupcakes.

Making sure Alli gets enough tickles before bedtime.

Tomorrow we're celebrating my birthday and heading to Mackinac Island!

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