Sunday, July 17, 2016

Oops! We spent the whole day at Disneyland!

Ever since we've seen how not crowded the early mornings have been at Disneyland, we've made an extra effort to get there early. Normally we'd show up at park opening and stay until noon, but today the day just started getting away from us.

Someone has been asking about going to Disneyland all week and I think he's excited to finally be here.

I'm sure Alli is happy too. She's getting some new teeth in right now, so she's not always so smiley.

When we asked Ian what he wanted to do first, he said "the roller coaster!" That's my boy! That turned out to be a great place to start the day too since most of the crowds hadn't made it back to Toontown yet.

We happened into the front row and Ian had a great big smile on his face. After we finished he said "Let's do that again Daddy!"

So we did. And then we did again. A total of three times on the roller coaster. Sweet!

Judy Hopps, are you ready to go on it's a small world?

Alli enjoyed it. It's nice and air conditioned in there and was the perfect place to apply sunblock to everyone.

It's our neighbors! They're going to join us for the rest of the day!

Hey Elliot!

Ian liked the Crush the sea turtle hat, but decided not to wear it the rest of the day. I still got lots of comments on my Nemo hat, and had no less than 3 people stop me to ask where I bought it.

Hi Alli. The hat is new for her too, and she's not a fan.

After 25 minutes, it was finally time to board! They're only running one Casey Jr train today. It has a pretty low capacity, so it sure would have been nice to have a 2nd train. 

Our caged monkeys.

Hi kids.

Bouncing up and down grabbing the bars. She's getting really good at standing up now.

Walking back to the front of the park we caught the back side of the 61st anniversary celebration.

Lunchtime! The Hungry Bear is always a good choice. We're certainly making use of that Annual Passholder refillable mug. I think for the day we got 7 frozen drinks ($1.50 each) and 3 regular sodas ($1.00 each).

Mmm. Ranch french fries.

Since it was so close, Winnie the Pooh was next on our list, but as we arrived, it went down. Ian must have asked for the next 10 minutes when we were going on the Winnie the Pooh ride. Instead we headed over to his next favorite ride. The Tiki Room!

I love how Ian likes to sing along with the birds.

Well we could go home... but we've also got friends here, which means we've got babysitters here.
T, let's go on the new Soarin'! We'd wait in a 50 minute line and then utilize the rider swap so they can go afterwards.

Watching the 4 kids, we visited the Animation Academy.

Then headed over to A Bugs Land.

After the rough time on Autopia, the Tuck and Roll Bumper Cars were a much better introduction to driving.

Hi Mommy!

I think we'll be doing this more often.

And there's Gene and Elliott.

You don't see that too often. Alli asleep on T. Well it's about time to head home, but it's also dinner time. Hmm. It's close to 5:30 which means...

The kitchen at the Napa Rose is almost open! It'd be a little rough wrangling 4 kids, so we ordered it to-go.

And while we're waiting for the food, I took the boys outside to play in the grass and burn some energy.

Mmm. The Napa Rose is my favorite restaurant in the entire resort, and their take-out does not disappoint.

Both Ian and Alli enjoyed the filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Well after intending to only spend a few hours at the resort, here it is 7pm and we're just about to head home. And I know I usually end my trip reports with a picture of the kids asleep in the car, but this time they both stayed awake! Instead, we'll end it with this happy pic as we're leaving the Grand Californian.

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