Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4th visit

It's the July 4th weekend, and just like last year, we're celebrating with my brother up north. And this year we've got another little tag-along.

We flew out on Friday morning. Mmm. Breakfast pizza. 

Someone's still a little tired.

Did someone say breakfast? I'm awake!

Once we arrived, the kids got plenty of attention.

Ian, come with me!

Check out our new toy!

And watch me flip!

Theresa loves all the fruits in Jess' backyard. These plums though were super sour and not tasty.

Hi Uncle Jon!

And hi Aunt Jess!

It's Shasta! She's so sweet.

Alli likes laundry.

Here, let me help you with that.

Where's Alli?

The laundry basket is lots of fun too.

Who'd have guessed the trampoline could hold everyone?

In the mornings, either Theresa or myself would be up first with the kids, but Isaac wouldn't be far behind. Isaac was really good about asking Ian if he wanted breakfast too and made him a bowl of cereal.

Good morning kids. Time for Saturday morning cartoons. I think it was Voltron this morning.

How Jess has time to have any hobbies, I don't know, but she's got a quilting project going. Ian was interested in helping with the sewing machine.

Jon and I have a long hike coming up soon. We thought it'd be a really good idea to get a few miles under our belts. We enjoyed a nice 8 mile hike in beautiful Napa weather.

She's got a death grip on my head. We'll need to do this a bit more so she's more comfortable.

The next day everyone enjoyed the nearby park. Alli keeping a good hold on me while we swing.

Jon and I watched the kids, while Jess and T went off to a nearby farmers market. When they came back, we had delicious caramel corn to enjoy.

It's Speckles! I was very happy to see Ian had no fear of Josh's bearded dragon.

He even grabbed the ukulele and sang "Tiki Room" to her. 

The next morning Ian's up first with Isaac not far behind. Time for another bowl of cereal. Thanks Isaac.

Alli enjoyed her make-shift "tissue-box" that Aunt Jess made. Lots of cloth squares she can pull out one-by-one.

The 10 of us all headed to a nearby trail to spend our July 4th morning.

When the going gets steep, daddy becomes the pack-mule.

Near the end is a rope swing that all the kids enjoyed.

Climbing a tree to enjoy some frozen yogurt pops.

Happy girl.

Isaac holding Alli's hand to get up the hill.

Hi kids!

That night was July 4th and time to watch fireworks. Our kids went to bed early, and we were hoping the loud noises wouldn't wake them up. Jon and Jess took their kids to a nearby overlook to a park that had a great fireworks program lined up. T and I brought the baby monitors outside and watched from the bed of Jon's truck.

For being a local park, I was pretty impressed with their fireworks display. It lasted nearly 30 minutes and quite a few fireworks.

The next day, it was time to go back home. We had a great July 4th visit. Thanks for everything Jon and Jess!

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