Tuesday, May 10, 2022

One last Disney week before we go - Hollywood Studios and Epcot 2022/04/06

So it's our last week in Florida and we're getting in as much Disney as we can. On Monday and Tuesday, we spent time at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Today is Wednesday and we've decided to visit Hollywood Studios one last time. 

This is why we're here at 2:30pm instead of later at night. Hollywood Studios closes at 5pm and it's the only park I could get a reservation for today. People must have figured that out and switched their days to a different park with later hours. It ended up being closed because a company had rented it out. 

So here it is, middle of the day, when the lines are at their worst. Which ride should we go on? 

Ian missed out on riding Slinky Dog yesterday and he was hoping that he could get one more ride in before we leave. Alli obliged. And since it's our last week, we're getting in lines that we wouldn't normally wait in. Slinky Dog is great at the end of the night when it's just a 10 minute wait!
When the posted wait time is 90 minutes, not so much. 

And when that 90 minute wait turns out to be 105 minutes, it makes us even less happy. Good thing the area is mostly shaded and we've got a backpack full of snacks. The kids like riding in the back because it whips them around a little more. 

So was the 105 minute wait worth it? I'm still not sure. But these smiles are priceless. 

And I wouldn't be able to get photos like these at night when we usually ride. Look at the excitement in those faces. Love it!

It's 4:40pm and the park will be closing shortly. Gotta get a couple more rides in. Like the Alien Swirling Saucers. 

And jumping in the queue for Rise of the Resistance with minutes to spare before it shuts down for the night. 15 minutes after getting in line, we were ready to load into our transport vessel. 

The scale of this ride is still very impressive. Having a huge Star Destroyer bay here is awesome. 

It's a running joke that I "accidentally" say the name of the Rebel Base, Pacara, while the First Order guards are nearby. The kids shoosh me. 

I'm glad it didn't break down like last night. This was a great ride to end our Hollywood Studios experience on. 
Afterwards we walked out to the truck and the kids ate a quick dinner of teriyaki chicken, rice, and lots of veggies while we drove over to our next park. 

Epcot! We spent the earlier part of the day making homemade Caramel Popcorn to compare to the Karamel K├╝che Werther's Original Popcorn, and do a taste test with all the different popcorns you can buy around the world at Epcot. 
You can read about it on Micechat here!

And we happened to meet up with Samantha again! Always nice running into a friend. Hope you have an awesome experience with Disney Samantha! I hope we can hear some of your favorite stories soon. 

With all that running around, it was already 7:45pm. The park is only open for another 1:15 and the kids really really wanted to go on their favorite ride, Test Track. The ride is showing a 60 minute wait, but sometimes it's not so bad. That was not the case for today though. It took all of 60 minutes to get on. 
When it was time to design our cars, Ian decided to design our truck, The Beast! That's it on the bottom left. 

Test Track is always fun. Especially the part at the end. 

We had toyed with the idea of walking back to Remy's Ratatouille ride to end the night, but we didn't get out of the ride until 8:50pm and the park is closing soon. What better way to end our night than on our favorite ride, just one more time. The kids can't get enough of Test Track. 

This time the kids design their cars, and I did the best I could to model our RV, Beauty. Something big and boxy. 

Love it so much! Test Track is definitely the ride to finish on for our last day at Epcot. 

With our ride finishing the same time as the fireworks, it was a big crowd of people heading to the exit. I'll be happy when all these walls come down. Looking forward to visiting when we get back later in the year!
Today was a great Disney day! How about we try to do it again tomorrow?!

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  1. What a way to end the night...two consecutive rides on a favorite, Test Track!!! One last time on ROTR is another memorable one. Like you said, "Smiles are priceless"...the long wait is soon forgotten when those joyful faces beam through :-) Some special Disney memories to treasure and relive until new ones come much later in the year. EOM