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Sour Patch Kids Gum taste test comparison

Happy Christmas! (this taste test is from 2022)

Alli was thrilled to see that Sour Patch has partnered with Trident to bring us Sour Patch Kids Gum! She loves gum of all kinds, but Sour Patch could be even better! We've tried so many different Sour Patch Kids things including Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops, Ice Cream, Sour Patch Kids Cereal, Marshmallows, Yogurt, Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy Cookies, Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Ice Pops, Sour Patch Kids Freezer Pops, Sour Patch Kids Popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids Gelatin

And today we've got 3 different flavor Trident Sour Patch Kids gum to try! There's Blue Raspberry, Red Berry, and Watermelon. Of course we'll try the original Sour Patch Kids gummies along with them to see how closely the gum really matches the original. 

Alli asked for this for Christmas, and was happy to share with everyone in a big taste test. 
Alli - This is a Sour Patch Kids candy and gum taste test! 
Theresa - (sing-song voice) I love Sour Patch Kids and lots of gum! 
What shall we start with? 
Alli - I feel like we should start with the gum, because I think the candy might overwhelm it. 
Joe - Which one? 
Alli - Watermelon! 

Joe - It has a really good smell!
Megan - I like the texture of it! It's tangy! 
Theresa - Mmm! And it's yummy!
Alli - Mmm! That's an exact replica! 
Joe - I like the watermelon gum. 

Alli - They flavored it really good! 
Mickey - That's pretty good!
Jon - I like that one. 
Emma - I like how it tastes like Sour Patch. 
Megan - It just got really sour!
Joe - Weird! Something changed when I took it out!
Theresa - It got a little bitter. 

Let's move on to the Watermelon Sour Patch Kids Candy. 
Theresa - Watermelon Sour Patch Candy is still better. 
Isaac - What do I do with my leftover gum? 
Joe - Uh, hold on to it if you want. 
Theresa - The gum had some interesting flavor changes. It went from sourness to bitterness. I don't think it has the exact same watermelon flavor. 
Isaac - I like the gum more! 

Alli, what should we try next in your taste test? 
Alli - The Red Berry Gum!

Ian - Cherry? 
Alli - Fruit Punch? 
Megan - Oh! This is not good!
Theresa - Eww. It tastes like raspberry cherry medicine!
Isaac - It tastes like Dayquil. 

Megan - It's really really sour!
Alli - I like it. It's sour, bitter, with fruit punch. 
Sheila - I like it too. 

Isaac - It's too sour. 
Patrick - I like Dayquil!
Jon - Totally Nyquil. 
Theresa - Too much like medicine! 
Jon - That's an insult to medicine. 
Avery - I think it's delicious! 

Ian - I think it's horrible! 
Theresa - (can't stand it anymore) I've got to spit this out. 

Joe - It's fine. And again, I take it out and I get more sour. 
Theresa - That is not good. 
Ian - That's NASTY!
Theresa - Nasty is an understatement. 

Well let's try the Red Berry Sour Patch Kids Candy to compare. 
Theresa - There's a reason I never eat the red. They're not good. 

Isaac - I like the gummies better. 
Ian - The gummies are so much better! 

Moving on to the Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids gum. 
Isaac - This one will be good. 
Ian - It better be! It's my favorite!

Ian - Blue is much better! I love this one!

Megan - I like the flavor. I don't like the sourness. 
Theresa - The gum is sourness and bitterness popping in and out. 

Jon - It's just okay. 

Megan - The gummy is more mild. I like it better. 
I don't think Patrick likes the gum too much either. 

Megan - Avery, is this your first time having gum? Patrick! Is this her first time having gum? 
Patrick - Avery, what did you do with the gum? 
Megan - Did you swallow it? 
Oops... No one explained gum to her yet...
Joe - It's your first time having gum!
Ian - Congratulations! 

Megan - I don't really like sour things. 
Isaac - I love sour things! 
Megan - My tongue is going to hurt now. 

Isaac - Now let's try all of them at once! 

Alli - So, first of all, for the gum, my favorite was the watermelon. My favorite gummy was the red berry. My favorite out of all of them was probably the red berry gummy. The worst one was red berry gum. 

Poll of the room real quick, did anyone like the Sour Patch Kids gum better than the Sour Patch Kids candy? Gram and Pop Pop both raised their hands. 
Gram - My favorite was the red berry gum. I don't like the texture of gummies. 
Pop Pop - The watermelon gum. 

Isaac - Of the gums, I liked the watermelon gum best. But I absolutely despised the red berry gum. The blue raspberry gum was a little too sour. My favorite though was the gummies and the red berry is the best. 
Ian - I think the best of the gum was the Watermelon Trident Vibes, but if you put the gummies in the mix, all the gummies beat it. My least favorite was everyone's least favorite, the red berry gum. 
Theresa - No no. Patrick and Gram both loved the red berry gum. 
Isaac - They also probably like Dayquil. Dayquil tastes horrible. Nyquil tastes good. 

Megan - I would never buy the gum. I do like the candy. Favorite is blue raspberry. 
Avery - All of them were the best!
Joe - You just like sweet things!
Megan - If you could only choose one. If you could only pick up one, which would you get? 
Avery - Both! 
Sheila - Just one Avery. 
Avery - I don't know because they're both so good! They're all the same goodness. 
Megan - Fair enough. 

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  1. Saw lots of "yeck" and "pained" expressions on the gum....sour and/or bitter will do that to you (or if it tastes like Dayquil or Nyquil)!! Quite a new experience for Avery regarding chewing gum...oops! Such a variety of favorites between the gum and the gummies. The funniest exchange to me was this: "What do I do with my leftover gum?"..."Uh, hold onto it if you want." :-) :-) EOM