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Hanging out with friends and going to Typhoon Lagoon - 2022/11/06

Reaching back to another few stories from 2022 as I tried to catch back up. 

We love when friends let us know they're coming to visit Florida and we can hang out together! Our friend from California, Katrina, and her family are visiting Disney World and we all decided to meet up at Epcot! 

Before they got there though, we had to grab a quick drink from Club Cool. 

And take a ride on Test Track via the short single-rider line! 

They're here! We've known Katrina from work when we were in California for a long time. Ian went to her son Karl's super hero birthday when he was so little

Karl has kept himself busy over these last few years! He's an actor, appearing in a few episodes of This is Us, has appeared in commercials, does voice-over work, and even does stand-up comedy. 

We met up with Karl, his sister, and the rest of the family over at the Living Seas aquarium. 

Then to the Imagination Pavilion where Figment takes us to explore all our different senses. 

Katrina was excited to do the Kidcot stations all around the World Showcase. First stop is Kidcot Canada.

UK Kidcot

While Katrina and her family used a Lightning Lane on Remy, we stopped for a snack. 

A naked crepe, because they were out of ice cream, which spawned Theresa's "I can make this at home myself" phase

Kidcot in France. 

Kidcot Morocco. 

Let's go to Japan! 

Each of them had their names written in Japanese characters. 

Look at all the cute folded paper! 

Snacks from Japan! Thank you! 

Good to see you everyone! 

Bye Karl! 

Walking back to where we parked the car at Hollywood Studios. Gotta get that walking in. 

Bike ride time! 

Good to see you Boots! 

Henry is showing us a new skill the horses are learning. Lifting their legs for their horseshoes. 

The kids like to help pump water from the ground for the horses and other animals. This always reminds me of the Carousel of Progress, and indeed Henry does keep a cup of water nearby to prime the pump. 

The kids just celebrated birthdays recently and one of the bigger gifts T and I got them was a pass to the Disney Water Parks! Blizzard Beach here we come! 

The kids were excited! 

We've been here before, years and years ago when the kids were little. It was always during Spring Break, so it was always crowded. Can that sign showing a 5 minute wait be true? 

These stairs were always packed with people! 

Walking right to the top! The two of them hopped right on the raft and were off! Awesome! 

Are all the rides like this? What about the family raft? 

Also a walk-on! 

And the speed slides! 

Now this is the way to experience the water parks! 

No lines! 

Big enough to carry their own tubes. 

What a beautiful day at the water parks! 

Splashing in the wave pool 

Relaxing and eating a cucumber. It's a good day. 

Back to the best ride in the park, with 3 different slides to go down! 

Alli doing it all on her own. 

We'd go on this lots of times over and over. With lines like this, how can you not! 

Maybe only one ride better than the Crush N Gusher. The lazy river! 

Except when there's a waterfall! Hide! 

Safely on the other side. 

It's a beautiful sunny day!

Definitely a good birthday present. 

One final ride on the family raft. 

But traffic to get back home is a little crazy right now. Why not go eat some dinner at Chick-fil-A!

And I think we'll go over to Dave & Busters as well to load up a few cards. 

He's been practicing at Chuck E Cheese. 

Speaking of Chuck E Cheese, we've got our cards and there's one not too far away! 
We went inside to look around... and actually left. They don't have many good games. Shame. 

So, we hopped in the truck and drove another 10 minutes down the road to another CEC! 

This one had better games! But... it had a weird smell to it. Like it had flooded and wasn't dried out properly. It was a mildew type smell all over. We've been to Chuck E Cheese's all over the country, but there's a reason we haven't gone back to any of them in the Orlando area since trying them once. 

The kids had lots of fun playing though. 
It's been a really fun day today, November 7th 2022. I wonder what tomorrow will bring... (ominous foreshadowing). 

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  1. What a day at Typhoon Lagoon!...such wild, exhilarating water slides (the Crush 'N' Gusher looked really fun) and a more relaxing lazy river float (just avoid that waterfall :-) ) Ahhhhhh...Ian showing us how he was enjoying the day, relaxing on the chaise while basking in the sun with the coolness of a cucumber in his mouth! Passes to the Disney Water Parks were definitely a wonderful family gift that was enjoyed by everyone. Looks like a great reunion time with Katrina and her family...Kidcot offered a lot of fun activities for the children. Quite interesting that Karl is busy in the entertainment industry...hope he continues to enjoy it and grow in it. Surprising to hear about the below-par Chuck E Cheese places in would think they'd be just as good or even better than others across the country since that's tourist country in Orlando. EOM