Thursday, October 15, 2020

Blizzard Beach part 1 - 2016/03/29

While reading through past adventures with the kids at bedtime, we were reading through the stories about Alli's first visit to Walt Disney World back in 2016. We read about the flight there, then our first day at the house on Easter. The next day was Disney Springs, and then the day after that was... missing!

Oh my! I know I've got a few stories in the queue, but this is one that I didn't even realize was missing! I enjoyed going through all these old pictures and videos of when the kids were super little. Let's try to get caught back up with this one. Hopefully my memories of 4 year old events is still good. 

We'd intended to go to the theme parks today, but we're determine to get to a water park this week, and looking at the forecast today is our best bet. Ian and Alli don't sleep in our bed, but I guess they made it there at some point. 

Aww. Alli in her Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. Good memories. Because the water parks open a little later than the theme parks, we got to sleep in a little. That's good because I'm still adjusting to the 3 hour time difference between California and Florida. Waking up at 9am here is like waking up at 6am back home!

By 9:45am everyone was in the parking lot of Blizzard Beach, in our swimsuits and ready to go. 

When we're all together as a family like this, each family takes a day to be responsible for meals. Donald is all ready to provide lunch for everyone. 

It's not too crowded at the front gates yet. 

Are you excited Alli? 

At 10am they opened and we're on our way to the kiddie area to stake out our spots. 

After a quick fill-up of our drink cups. 

Oh my. Look at that pudge. And Alli is a little chubby too. Time to get sprayed with sunblock. I definitely don't want to start this vacation burned. 

Ian, you need it too!

Don't miss anything Theresa. 

As a special treat, his cousins brought him a water-gun too. 

Alli decided to start her day here with a nap, so Theresa stayed with her while I took Ian out into the shallow pools. 

He loves water. 

Whoa! What's Macy riding? That looks like a fun slide! Let's go Ian!

I grabbed a tube and we waited in line. 

The Disney lifeguards making sure everyone stays safe. This is a kids slide, so I'll be walking down to the bottom to meet him. And it was when he was about 5 feet down the slide that I realized he should probably be in a swim-vest. 

Good thing it's only chest-high at the bottom and there's a life guard at the bottom too. It's calm enough that he didn't even fall off the tube. 

Alright, let's get back to mommy and Alli and get your swim-vest. 

She's a tired one. But looking awful cute in her swimsuit. 

Theresa just chilling. 

Alright, Alli is awake! Ian is in his swim-vest and we're good to go! Let's go explore!

Alli, are you excited to be going in a pool for the first time?

She likes it!

And a video of it too. 

This boy loves water all over his head. And for some reason loves cold water splashing his head too. 

Family picture!

Hey, why don't we go down the triple slides as a family! Theresa and Ian on their own, while I have Alli. 

Whee! There's a big water splash at the bottom. 

Uh. I think that splash was a little too big. 

Sorry Alli. 

Near the top of the slides is an area with even smaller slides that Ian can run around all by himself. 

Nothing too crazy here. 

Hey Ian! I see you!

Yes it is a little messy, isn't it. 

What's that Alli? Time for a snack? Chewing on my fingers means she's hungry. 

Fastest way down is the slides. You can see at the end that I hold Alli up high during the splashdown. Lesson learned. 

Aunt Rita surely has some snacks we can eat. 

Our own little corner of paradise. 

How big is Alli? So big! We'll continue the story in Part 2. 


  1. Little Allie and little Ian have grown so much since that trip...a walk down memory lane! How wonderful to capture their "first swims" at Blizzard Beach. Loved that initial picture of Ian sleeping next to Daddy, already imitating him..."like Father, like son" :-) Nice family picture, although it looked like Ian was still trying to blink out all that water in his eyes from standing under the waterfall he enjoyed so much :-) Think Alli was sticking her tongue out to voice her displeasure with the "big splash" :-) Great start for the day at Blizzard Beach! EOM

    1. Those walks down memory lane are half the reason I end up doing all this. They get big so fast, it's nice to have the stories of when they were small.