Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in Florida

Happy Easter! We're in Florida on vacation with lots of family.

Let's eat breakfast! I'm ready!

Everyone heard Alli has a tooth and were excited to see it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Ian, Macy, and Alli all got Easter presents.

Very happy with all their goodies. And there was lots and lots of candy.

Alli got a new swimsuit. She's a pineapple princess!

Donald is still in Michigan. He's the worship leader at Kirby Church. We connected the computer to the TV and watched the service together.

Uncle Ty showing Ian how to eat sunflower seeds. They're a lot of work!

Time for the littles to hunt for Easter eggs.

Ian really loved finding eggs this year. I thought it was hilarious when he "found" all the eggs in Macy's bag and started moving them into his bag.

Nice work kiddos. With all the candy in these eggs, the kids were set for the entire week. Ian would randomly have candy in his mouth during the week and when I asked him where he got it, he'd show me an egg.

Time to open Easter baskets from Mom and Dad.

Even more candy! I think in the time we were sitting here, he pulled out 3 mini Reese's cups.

What's in Alli's basket?

Oh my! I see food!

Ian had his first taste of real food 2 years ago on Easter. It seemed only fitting that Alli get her first food on Easter too! What do you think? Did she love it?

Of course she did! This girl loves food!

Time for the bigger kids to find eggs. There's money involved, so you know they're excited to find them!

You never know where they might be hiding.

Yes, even the light fixtures.

Not sure where they're expecting to find them from on top of the table.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out in the pool. Ian's a regular water baby.

And Alli liked getting her feet wet too.

A little bit of volleyball in the pool.

And wrestling too.

Ian likes being tossed around, and the pool is perfect for that.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a water park day. Will it happen? We'll see!

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