Friday, March 4, 2016

2016 Disneyland Egg-stravaganza - Disney California Adventure

As part of the 2016 Disneyland Egg-stravaganza, we've spent our day finding easter eggs in Downtown Disney and Disneyland. Only one other place remaining, and that's Disney California Adventure.

Oswald's is as good a place as any to pick up a map as soon as you enter the park.

Once again we have 12 eggs that need to be found.

If you don't want to know where these eggs are hiding, stop reading here!

As soon as you step out of Oswald's, the Chamber of Commerce is right behind it. Hi Donald.

And Lockers (Buena Vista Street) was also close by. Greetings Daisy.

Having fun?

At the Hollywood Land (Truck), Minnie is peeking out from the passenger's side.

Hollywood Land has a water tower? Sure enough, the Hollywood Land (Water Tower) has an egg way off in the distance.

Quite the climb Mickey.

The map says "Condor Flats (Station Wagon)", but as Jacob pointed out, Condor Flats is what this area of the park used to be called. Back in January of 2015, this whole section of the park was closed down and reopened in May 2015 as the Grizzly Peak Airfield. Perhaps whoever made the map didn't get the memo.
Peaking out the back window, among the luggage, it's Goofy!

This next section was only one of two that gave us some difficulty. The map lists Grizzly River Run (Artist Camp) and Grizzly Peak Park Service Ranger Truck. The path that takes you behind the ride to where the truck is, was closed, so the egg must be somewhere else.

Looking around the Fast Pass area, Jacob found Chip.

I don't remember seeing any signs for something called Grizzly River Run (Artist Camp) either. And the first couple times we walked by this section, there was a line to meet characters, so we didn't get too close to the fence. Eventually though we were able to locate Dale.

Toy Story Midway Mania! was the next stop to visit. I could see from all the way across the water that Pluto was on top of the sign, but why not get a little exercise and walk to the entrance anyhow. There I confirmed it was Pluto.

Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill had a surprise in the rafters. Is Rabbit on the menu? No, just Thumper.

Into Cars Land, at Fillmore's Taste-In, Mater is at the bottom of this decoration.

Right across from Fillmore's place is Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. It was here we were supposed to find another egg, but despite multiple trips up and down the street, no egg was found. Hmm. Best continue on.

"A Bugs Land" (Entrance) was next. Here's the one egg I didn't get a wide shot of before zooming in to the egg. The White Rabbit was hiding in the brush underneath the windmill that holds Princess Dot.

And here's the reason I missed the wide angle shot. Looking back towards Mater's, I see Lightning McQueen hanging out on the roof of that shed. I was so excited to find him, I completely forgot to take the other shot. I don't know that you'd even be able to see Lightning from the entrance to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. He's much easier to see from the Bugs Land side.

Our map is complete!

Inside Elias & Co. was the redemption center for the maps. Cast members were very busy selling maps and handing out prizes. They were even asking if you'd like to go ahead and redeem your prize when you first bought the map! Saves you a wait in the line I guess, but I'd guess the satisfaction of the prize isn't as sweet if you didn't earn it.

Ian was happy to have some new toys to play with.

Alli looks to be wondering what's on Ian's head. Think she knows she's got bunny ears on too?

She's a happy girl.

Our mission complete, it was time to head back to the car. Thanks for joining us today Jacob! We had a lot of fun!

And here's what the eggs look like. They're your standard hollow plastic easter egg, though they have triangular ridges that hold the egg together compared to the standard lip you normally find.

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