Sunday, March 13, 2016

Alli's first visit to Club 33 - Salon Nouveau

It's a beautiful Sunday and we're headed to Disneyland to do something special!
We've got a 6th member of our posse who has never been to Club 33 before. Our last visit was back in September, when she was still hanging out in Theresa's belly. Now that she's here, she gets to join us!

She certainly seems excited. Actually she's just a very happy baby. All it takes is getting her attention and making a funny noise, and she'll light up and smile with her whole face. It's really cute.

As we walked as a group back to New Orleans Square, Ruston happened to look over by the Dream Suite staircase and saw Chelle! We certainly remember Chelle, but I have no idea how she could still remember us, but she did!
You might remember that back in 2012, Ruston won an overnight stay in the Dream Suite and invited Jacob, Theresa, and I to join him. I wrote up the entire experience here. Well Chelle was the cast member who welcomed us to the Dream Suite and gave us a tour.
After some big hugs and an introduction to the newest members of the group (Ian and Alli) she told us that she's keeping as busy as ever. With the Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour, she is leading multiple groups through the Dream Suite. Great running into you Chelle, but we're meeting some friends in 5 minutes! Got to run!

Here we are. The new entrance to Club 33.

Group photo in front of the door commemorating Alli's first visit.

Just inside awaits the beautiful Court of Angels.

Our last visit was during the warmer months, and a complimentary chilled apple cider was offered. Now that it's colder (by California standards at least) a spiced hot chocolate is on tap.

Got to take those group pictures every chance I get.

Let's go upstairs.

The six of us met our friends in the Salon Nouveau lounge inside Club 33.

And it being the first time they met Alli, they had a gift for her. Looks like she likes it!

Ian enjoyed the warm roasted nuts that are offered. Smart boy picks through the assortment and takes all the cashews from my plate and eats them.

In the past, I've had a lavender lemonade from here, which was... interesting. This time, I'm going for something more familiar.
This is a Pomme Si Bon, made of apples, ginger, maple, and spices. It was delicious.

Theresa chose a Tropical Storm. I tried it and it wasn't my favorite. Ah, that's why. It's made with passion fruit (yuck), pineapple, citrus, and spice. In the end, she was happy with what she ordered, and I was happy with mine. 

While we were sitting and talking, Ian mentioned he wanted to go see the piano. I don't know if he remembers it from his last trip, or just wants to see it. During a break in the conversation, I took him over to see the piano that's playing all by itself.

Then did a quick swap for Alli.

Theresa's actually tried to carry her in the Ergo, but she doesn't usually calm down and always wants to eat. When her daddy carries her though, she's out like a light.
We enjoyed over an hour talking with our friends and swapping fun Disney stories. And yes, I will get that Japanese Kit Kat blog posted soon.

After leaving the lounge, we went to the lobby, where we looked in the merchandise case.

And Ian got permission to play the harpsichord as long as he did it gently.

I was hoping these guys would show up! On our last visit here, Mickey and Minnie were in the lobby greeting guests and since it was such a slow time, Ian literally had 10 minutes on 1-on-1 time with them. Today we're joined by Donald and Pluto!

Is this Alli's first character meeting? I'm kind of thinking it is.

Hi Pluto! I like your nose!

Then Donald came over to see the baby. She wasn't sure what to think of it all.

I so wish you were allowed to take video inside the club, but alas, it is forbidden. Pluto was making Ian giggle in a way that making everyone who was standing around watching smile.

Pluto got down on the ground and started walking towards him, getting a giggle. Then not to be outdone, Donald turned around, bent over, and shook his tail feathers at Ian, setting off another round of giggling. I love how the characters interact with the kids here.

Family picture with Donald and Pluto. Thanks guys!

So excited, I don't know what to do with my hands.

Such great times. 
After getting a little hot chocolate in his sippy cup for him to try, it was time to finally leave. 

Back outside where video was now allowed, we could see Pluto and Donald in the bridgeway, looking at all the guests below.

Lunchtime! Rancho del Zocolo hit the spot, and can you believe it, a first time visit for T and I?

Off to what we thought was Ian's favorite ride. I put Alli on a horse with me, then she promptly leaned forward and bonked her head on the pole... Oops. Sorry Alli. After a few tears and a hug from mommy, she was all better.

I gave Ruston my phone to take a picture of the rest of us.

The first of many selfies I discovered on my phone when I finally got it back from him later.

Ian - "We can go on the Tiki Room?"
Sure thing buddy.

And she's asleep again.

We had lunch, but didn't get anything for dessert. Ian looking at the Jolly Holiday pastry case.

In the end, he picked a Mickey cookie, which we enjoyed while watching the Mad Hatter and Alice lead a group of children in musical chairs.

On the walk out, Uncle Ruston made sure to show Ian some of the new animated windows on Main Street. They're pretty cool. We'll have to check them out more on the next visit.

I think we wore him out.
Ian - "Mommy, can I fall asleep on the tram?"

What a great day at the parks.

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  1. I can't believe you guys had never eaten an Rancho del Zocalo! I guess I'm more shocked that I had eaten there before & you hadn't. I thought you had experienced everything Disneyland had to offer. ;)

    Random question: Would you guys be up to taking a special friend of ours to Disneyland? His name is Flat Joseph. My cousin's class read 'Flat Stanley' & he was mailed to us to go on an adventure. We took him on a tour of Indianapolis & to the Children's Museum. Now we're supposed to send him to someone else to go on another adventure. My cousin would be ecstatic if he found out Flat Joseph went to Disneyland! Send me an email letting me know if you're interested or not so we can decide where to send him.