Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alli's first plane flight to Michigan

Alli is just over 4 months old and it's time for her first plane flight! We're flying to Michigan to see family.
Lucky for us she's a pretty happy baby! Between getting passed around from the grandparents to me and T, she stayed happy the whole flight, with maybe only a couple minutes of crying as we were descending.

Can't fly straight to Michigan on Southwest. We're taking a quick stop in Texas. 

And when you're in Texas, you have to eat BBQ'd meats.

And after our next leg, we arrived!

And now I can finally update the map of the states Alli's visited!

Ian was definitely happy to be off the plane.

What's that white stuff on the ground? And why is it so much colder here than back home?

Amy was happy to get a hold of Alli. Alli certainly is looking big!

We've come to watch Austin and Ethan play football before, but this time we're here for the girls.

Unfortunately Aubrey got hurt and wasn't able to play, but everyone had fun cheering for Abby.

Alli was intently watching.

And the grandparents certainly got into the game.

Ian making sure he claps for the right plays.

Let's go play in the snow!

I made him a little snowman.

Ian loves to make cupcakes with Aubrey. And luckily she likes making cupcakes with Ian.

Yep, these are good.

Uncle Ty bringing in snowballs.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. We enjoyed 4 fun days hanging out with everyone here.

Love you Aunt Amy.

Ready for a long flight back home.

Ian was happy to have his own seat.

T found a nice use for the backpacks. We can extend Ian's seat and he can lay flat. He slept for 3 hours on the first leg!

I can sit here Mommy?

Enjoying a nice Jamba Juice at the Las Vegas airport

One more leg to go and we're home. Alli was perfect on all the flights. Let's hope this trend continues!

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