Thursday, October 22, 2020

Blizzard Beach part 2 - 2016/03/29

We're at Blizzard Beach back in 2016 and I'm trying to get caught up on some old stories! 

After getting a snack, Alli was ready to take a nap. 

Aunt Amy volunteered to hold her while the rest of us went out and explored some of the other areas of Blizzard Beach. 

Other areas like the lazy river! I love lazy rivers. You can be as active or as non-active as you want. 

Everyone was able to find tubes without too many issues. 

Together we formed a flotilla and made our way down the river. 

Going through caves. Somehow the dripping water always feels ice cold. 

With his float vest, Ian just likes to wade in the water near us with his legs up. 

Time for some action! He loves getting tossed around. 

Fun times in the lazy river. 

When we got back, it was time for lunch! Donald and Amy have all the fixins out to make wraps. 

Hey Alli, watch this. 

Nice Uncle Mike. 

Ian with his healthy little plate of veggies, hams, and cheetos. 

Oh Alli, none of this is for you yet. You only had your first food other than milk 2 days ago. You'll have to chew on your fingers for now. 

Or maybe Aubrey's hair. 

Ian, can I sit here with you? 

Austin volunteered to watch Alli for a little bit while I took Ian back out to play. 

That's better. With the vest on this time. 

And he loved exploring on his own at the smaller slides. 

And going down the bigger slides was fun too. 

Back at the rest of the group, we're all going to head to the wave pool. Alli, can you stay with Aubrey? 
Aww, I love those baby giggles. 

Not quite as relaxing as the lazy river, but still fun. 

Ian certainly enjoyed it. 

Ian is a ball!

Ian and I headed off to do a few more slides before it's time to go. 

Fun times! The next time we go back, he'll be ready for the Summit Plummet! When it opened it was the tallest and fastest water slide in the world! Now it's only 3rd, but it's still 120 feet high, nearly a 90 degree drop, and you can reach speeds up to 60 miles an hour! Yeah, I think he'll be ready. When he hits that 48" mark it's going to open big doors for him. 

Looks like Alli is down for another nap. 

Even though it's only 2:30pm, we're packing up and heading home. Rita has been watching the radar and there's a big afternoon storm coming our way. It's Florida, what do you expect? 

While the group finished packing, Macy and Ian held hands and turned into brave explorers. 

Once we got back to the house, it looks like we made a good decision. Pouring rain plus lightning. I definitely don't want to be out in that!

That's okay. I think there's stuff we can do inside. Like take a nap!

I would have bet money that that would happen. 

Or playing with some of our Easter presents. 

More tickles. 

It's nice to have the garage converted into a game room at these rental houses. It's a fun way to do things together instead of just watching TV. 

As is often the case during these Spring Break trips, it's Austin's birthday! 

He celebrated the big 13 with his whole family around. 

Tomorrow we're going to try to finally go inside the Disney theme parks!


  1. What a fun time at Blizzard Beach (and perfect timing on leaving!) The lazy river looks so inviting and relaxing. Alli's expression makes it clear that "she wants grown up food now!" :-) Ian had a lot of fun on those water slides...the Summit Plummet sounds too much for me but perfect for Ian and all those other brave souls! Great having all the cousins and Aunts & Uncles much shared fun. Game room is great to is especially fun (our family had a ping-pong table for many years; it also doubled as a big eating table when we had a lot of guests for outdoor gatherings!) Special "first teen" birthday celebration for how young he looked then...they grow so fast (look at Alli & Ian then and now!). EOM

    1. After reading this, Ian and I watched videos of the Summit Plummet and he's even more excited to go on it. He's hoping to hit 48" by the time this whole Covid thing is done so that he can go on some wild rides. The Summit Plummet will definitely qualify.
      Speaking of Austin, wow, you'd hardly recognize him now. Senior in High School and starting quarterback for his football team. He just got accepted to a college on a football scholarship. And he's worked for every bit of it, putting in long hours in the gym and practice sessions. Really proud of him.