Monday, October 12, 2020

Pizza at Home - National Sausage Pizza Day - October 11th

Today is Sunday, so it's time for another pizza made at home! It's fortunate that today also happens to be National Sausage Pizza Day! That makes it pretty easy for me to figure out what what to make today. 

I'm made lots of different pizza doughs thus far. Today I'm using a recipe from, and it's the first recipe that puts garlic and spices in the crust dough itself. My yeast is frothy and ready to mix. 

This will sit for a couple hours to double in size. 

That gives me time to make a pizza sauce. I've been wanting something with a punch of spices to it. This one from for a 5 minute pizza sauce looks to be perfect!

Seriously, there's so many spices going into this one. 

We can't have sausage pizza unless we make some sausage. 

About 30 minutes before, I split the pizza into two different bowls for a second rise. 

I stretched the dough into a nice round shape and prepped it for toppings. The parchment paper has been a very simple way for me to transfer it to the oven and keep the round shape. 

Here's my first pizza. There's 2 types of sausage on this one. Crumbled sausage and Salami, which is a cured sausage. 

And because it's Richard's favorite, I made one with Ham and Pineapple too. 

They're out of the oven and ready to eat!

Yum! Theresa said the crust looks fake. It's too perfect. 

My first plate. A little of everything. 

Chi, that's plenty of salad for Richard. Too much even! 

What do you think of my sausage pizza guys? 

Big thumbs up! We love pizza day!


  1. The crust must have tasted really good with that garlic, especially since garlic is popular in the household. Did the crust and spice-filled sauce taste very different? Sounds like it would taste good. Agree with Theresa that the pizza crusts are very well-shaped, as if a machine did it! Another delicious pizza day! EOM

    1. I think adding some spices to the crust did indeed enhance the flavors. When I was little, the crusts were always the part of the pizza that get thrown away. Now they're just another delicious part of it. Even better if there's marinara dipping sauce with it. I've told the kids that it's like a free breadstick when you're done with the pizza.