Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Halloween Treats - Witch's Brew Kit Kat

Happy Fall! Within the last year Kit Kat has given us Pumpkin Pie Fall Kit Kats, Sweet Cinnamon Christmas Kit Kat, Raspberry Creme Valentine Kit Kats, Lemon Crisp Spring Kit Kats, and even Birthday Cake Kit Kats. Now that it's Halloween there's a special Witch's Brew Kit Kat!

What flavor is Witch's Brew? Marshmallow flavored apparently. 

It's a light green color that almost looks like it could glow in the the dark! And just FYI, it does not. The front of the package has a green-faced witch standing over a bubbling white cauldron (of marshmallow apparently). 

Trick-or-Treat Fun, Every Witch Way.
The snack-sized Kit Kats on the back are dressed as witches too, with what looks to be Hershey Bar hats. 

Let's eat them! It's a white chocolate base with marshmallow flavoring. Obviously artificial flavoring and it does taste like it, but it's still tasty. 

Richard and Chi think they're good. 

And it gets a thumbs up from the kids! We love all these different Kit Kat flavors!

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  1. Would have been wild if they glowed in the dark (but then I'd be afraid to eat them, wondering what they're using to make it glow :-) ) Very festive packaging for the Halloween season...thought the Hershey hats on the back were cute. Like the marshmallow flavor idea on a yummy Kit Kat. EOM