Monday, October 19, 2020

Pizza at Home - Thin Crust Pizza - attempt number 2

Tonight we're doing a repeat of a pizza I made back in June when I made Thin Crust Pizza. It didn't turn out so good. So tonight, I've changed up the recipe, updated the ingredients, and swapped my baking style. 

The last time I made Thin Crust Pizza, it turned out like this. Is this thin crust? It's all fluffy! It's pizza, but not what I could consider thin crust pizza.  

And so if I want different results, I'm going to need a different recipe. Up to this point, every recipe I've made for the crust has included yeast. That makes the crust rise when I start baking it, so for today's recipe I will be following's recipe for cracker-style thin crust pizza. To make the crust rise just a little bit, I'm using baking powder. 

And for a touch of sweetness I can use either sugar, or some of my dad's honey! Yum!

This little bit of dough is tiny! Normally for a pizza, I'd use at least 2 cups of flour per pizza. For this, it's just 1 cup of flour. 

After kneading, the dough will sit for 30 minutes. 

That gives me time to prep the ingredients. I'm making a meat pizza for one of them. Pepperoni, salami, and some bacon that I started on the stove, but am leaving under-cooked. It'll cook the rest of the way on the pizza. 

And I've got some pineapple and ham diced and heated up as well. 

After 30 minutes, I put my dough ball between two sheets of parchment paper and used my rolling pin to flatten it out. 

It's super thin. 

For the sauce, I used the thick sauce I made last week. It can't be too wet, otherwise the crust wouldn't crisp up. 

I put my cheese and toppings on, then trimmed the parchment. There's no way I'll be able to slide it off the parchment, so it's going to cook directly on the parchment round. 

Into the oven it goes, and because it is so thin, it'll cook in 9-10 minutes. 

Smile kids! Let's eat!

Looks much better than before. 

That is what I was looking for the first time around. A cracker type crust. 

And my hawaiian pizza is looking great too. 

I think Chi is trying to compete with me about making things look good. Her salads have been getting more and more fancy. 

Alli, that looks beautiful. Let's eat outside! 

My first plate tonight. 

Ian's a big fan! 

Alli thought it was great too. 

Big thumbs up. We'd learn that Thin Crust happens to be Pop Pop's very favorite type of pizza too. 
And when I say Ian liked it, he really really liked it. Like ate 5 slices, liked it. That's like half a pizza! With these thin slices you can eat a bunch of them. 

And while I still love the Chicago Deep Dish style pizzas, this Thin Crust Pizza is also pretty tasty. 

Look at the bottom of that crust. Beautiful! Another great pizza to add to my repertoire!


  1. Really nailed that thin, crispy crust!...both pizzas look great and delicious (especially with the added touch of homemade honey-goodness)...definitely another addition to your growing repertoire. Mustn't forget that yummy-looking two-style salad, either. P.S. I like that Mickey jacket on Alli :-) EOM

    1. I was surprised by how much everyone else loved the pizza. I think me and the rest of the house are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I love the deep dish Chicago pizza that you can only eat 1 or 2 slices of. The rest of the family wants this thin cracker crust pizza that you could eat all of if you were really trying.
      It's starting to get cool outside, so those jackets are coming in handy again. I remember T bought them last season just a little big intentionally for just that purpose.