Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Treats - Popcornopolis Halloween Cone Pack

It's Halloweentime and time for special flavors to start making their appearance. Today we've got a special popcorn edition from Popcornopolis. 

As we were wandering around our local Sam's Club, Theresa saw this Halloween edition Popcornopolis Popcorn. We love tasting all sorts of popcorns and we already know we love Popcornopolis. There's 4 spooky flavors. Ghostly Snickerdoodle, Witchy Caramel Corn, Vampire Candy Corn, and a Pumpkin Skeleton Kettle Corn. 

We lined them all up and started with Snickerdoodle. 

Have you had something that claimed to be cinnamon flavored but you could barely taste it? 
This was NOT that. There's a bunch of cinnamon and sugar on here. It's quite tasty. 

It's hard to get caramel corn wrong. Popcornopolis has a great recipe for it. Buttery, brown sugary, good coverage on all the pieces. Love it. 

I wasn't too sure what to expect from the Candy Corn flavored popcorn. I love that it's the three colors of candy corn - white, yellow, and orange. Now I'm not a fan of candy corn itself, but this popcorn was delicious! It's hard to identify the exact flavor, but I'm getting a buttery sweetness with a little bit of marshmallow. 

Last is the Kettle Corn. Not my favorite in general, but Popcornopolis does a pretty good job with it. 

Time to vote for our favorite. 
It was almost unanimous. 5 votes for the special Candy Corn flavor. There's just something about that taste that was familiar and delicious. 
The one outlier was Chi, who decided the Snickerdoodle was the best. 
If you happen to see this pack, or the fantastic Candy Corn popcorn, don't hesitate to pick it up! It's great!

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  1. Such cute packaging for the different flavors! The Candy Corn flavor sounds really interesting since a "marshmallow" flavor was detected along with the buttery sweetness. Not sure what "Kettle Corn" tastes like but the Snickerdoodle and Caramel Corn flavors look (so well-coated) good, too. Great Halloween shirts on the kids...perfect for the taste-testing occasion. EOM