Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Great Value Holiday Ice Cream Taste Test

Aren't we a little early for the holidays? Maybe a little bit, but when Theresa saw this ice cream in the Walmart Frozen section, she had to have the peppermint. Since there's 2 other flavors I insisted we turn it into a taste test! The kids made sure to wear either Christmas shirts or holiday colors. 

And if we're trying ice cream, we've got to have the person who likes to have a little bit of ice cream every day. Grandpa!

So today we're trying all three different winter flavors! Peppermint, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Egg Nog! And there's one other awesome part to this. Great Value Ice Cream only costs $1.97 each!
For our first flavor, we're going to be tasting the one Theresa chose. Peppermint Ice Cream is a Cool Mint Ice Cream with Peppermint Candies. I like how we've got some greens to go along with the reds. 

One bowl and everyone has a spoon. Dig in!

Big bites of ice cream. 

They're excited about any ice cream taste test. 

The peppermint ice cream is delicious! Now we'll try the next one. 

Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream - Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream with a Marshmallow Flavored Swirl & Chocolate Flavored Chunks. It's interesting they decided to add caramel flavor to this hot chocolate. I don't think caramel when I think hot chocolate. 

Digging in! The caramel flavor works great! I love the flavor of the ice cream. Theresa said with all the bits in it, it reminds her Rocky Road ice cream minus the nuts, which is a good thing. 

Richard has a bite with a large chocolate chunk in it. Theresa said it tasted like dark chocolate. And I thought the marshmallow was great too. Overall a really great ice cream. 

Lastly is the Egg Nog flavored Ice Cream. I made homemade Eggnog for the first time last Christmas and I thought it was delicious! How's this ice cream going to measure up? 

Overall we enjoyed the flavor of the Egg Nog. I think this worked very well as an ice cream. 

Here's a picture of me!

After trying all the flavors, it's time to go back and sample them again. 

Or in the case of the kids, try all three of them together on one spoon. 

Time to vote on our favorite! On the count of three, everybody point! 1...2...3!
Four votes for Hot Chocolate, two votes for Peppermint... wait a second, Alli you can't pick two! 
Overall it was a very successful taste test! All the flavors were tasty. 


  1. Now that's a taste test with all winners! All the flavors sound good, but a slight leaning to the hot chocolate one due to the marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and for being chocolate :-) Definitely a "great value" for each flavor. Hmmmmm...6 votes but 5 people :-)...well, have to admit it was kind of hard to choose between the peppermint and the chocolate! Never too early to get into the holiday spirit :-) EOM

    1. It was such a treat to find all those! Having them in the freezer, they were all eaten pretty evenly, so all the flavors stayed winners too. I bet we'll get more of these before too long.