Monday, February 5, 2024

Visiting the Orlando Cat Cafe February 2024

Happy Sunday! It's a great day to go to the Orlando Cat Cafe! I made reservations a couple days in advance for the 10am time. Nicole, who volunteers there, told us that that is the best time because the cats are ready to play and it's not quite their naptime. 

And speaking of Nicole, Hi Nicole! We surprised her today! 
She came out and gave everyone the do's and don'ts. Today we have a few special kitties that have arrived from a hoarding situation. They might be a little skittish, but they still need to get socialization to help them get adopted. 

Ian came right over and sat by Meatball! 

Little Turtle came over to see me. She's under 4 months old and is still a super playful kitten. 

Wrestling with a friend. They weren't being mean; just playing. 

Ian wants to cuddle up with the cats, though you're not allowed to pick them up. Turtle is interested in his shoes. I pulled out a feather toy and we had cats zooming around Ian. Even one that jumped completely over him! 

Standing up but not paying attention to me? 


Just playful though. No one came away with any scratches today. 

Ian playing with Turtle and a feather toy. He saw an adult nearby without a kitty to entertain and offered the toy to her. 

Alli has found Glenn chilling on the couch and gave him head scratches. 

Whoa Meatball! Just jumping up and making yourself at home, huh? 

Glenn looks offended. 

Teriyaki playing with Ian. 

Jacob has the attention of Coriolanus. 

And now Turtle is interested in what's going on. 

I watched Vandinha climb up on this plastic chair, and look ready to hop over to the wall. Those chairs look slick. Is she really going to make it? 

Yep! Cats are graceful! 

Getting a closer look at Jacob. 

Now he's got three kitties' attention. 

It's starting to be naptime though. 

They've had a busy morning of playing. 

Now it's time to stretch out, close their eyes, and receive all the pets. 

Ian and Glenn are over in the corner. 

And Ian is getting some snuggles. 

Jacob got a couple videos. 

Our time is starting to wind down. The cats are slowing down too. 

Naptime for Meatball and Ian. 

Goodbye Glenn. 

See ya Meatball!

Until next time little Turtle. 

Hopefully we can come back again soon! These kids love to love on the cats. But, as soon as we got home it was straight into the showers for both of them and put the clothes in the wash. Theresa is allergic. 

The 11am reservation time is going to be busy! Look at all the people waiting for their time to go in! 

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  1. Ian got some nice cuddling time with the kittens...must have been a sight to see a cat jump over Ian when he was playing on the floor with the kitten. Little Turtle really enjoyed that feather toy a lot (and thoughtful of Ian to offer the toy for someone else to use since that person had no toy to use to play w/ the kitten). Alli got in lots of kitten and cat petting...offering lots of gentle and soft love to them. Looks like Jacob was catching the eye of multiple cats at once...they all wanted attention pronto! :-) Looks like another fun visit to the Cat Cafe. EOM