Saturday, February 3, 2024

Homemade Crepes by Theresa (from 2023)

Wandering around Epcot, in the very back of the France Pavilion, you'll find a crepe shop. We would stop there for a treat every once in a while, getting a crepe ($7) or crepe with ice cream on top ($8.25). Not a terrible deal, especially if you get the ice cream on the side in a cup. It's like two treats in one! 

Until, one day they ran out of ice cream... Something in Theresa clicked and she was wondering why she would pay $7 for this thin pancake. 

Theresa - I can make those at home! 

And so, now determined, she set off to make her own crepes at home for the whole family! 

The ingredients are super simple. Eggs, milk, water, butter, flour, salt, and vanilla extract. 

Mixed all together. 

And you have a very very loose pancake batter. 

Thin enough to spread all over a large flat pan.


Make sure the pan is well lubricated along with being non-stick, and you'll have an easy time moving it around. 

And just a few minutes later, you have a taste crepe! Add a little bit of sugar and some lemon juice and you've got a simple tasty treat! 

But the crepe itself is just the base. There's so many possibilities from there. 
Like Nutella! 

Ooh, butter and sugar. 

What do we have in the fridge? We can do savory crepes too! Ham and cheese!

Leftover curry? 

Ian - Can I have a pizza crepe? 
I don't see why not. 


And so, these became a fun treat to make at home for a while. 
Another Nutella crepe? 

The kids loved it. 

Ham and guacamole? Why not. 

Grilled ham and cheese with mustard and mayo? Could be tasty. 

Yep! It is! 

Oh nice. Bananas and Nutella. 

Or honey and bananas too. 

Peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, and honey for the win! 
Thanks Theresa for making these at home!

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  1. Sometimes it's the simple foods that's the tastiest! many tasty combinations using that light crepe...sweet, fruity, or savory fillings, depending on one's mood. Great inspiration, Theresa, for making the crepe which then opened the door for each family member to fill it with whatever their taste buds were calling out! EOM