Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentines Day - Chick-fil-A

Happy Valentines Day! Today is a day where we like to give to others! 

We started our day at Chick-fil-A Four Corners giving away Valentines treats!

We love our local Chick-fil-A! We come here for bingo night and any other fun nights they have.
And our friend Alex was working! She runs many of the bingo nights and recognized the kids!

Invited behind the counter to give people working the drive-thru treats. 

After handing out treats to all the workers in the front, they even got to go to the back and give out Valentines to the people working the kitchen!

Gotta love a Chick-fil-A breakfast!

And today their biscuits are shaped like hearts! Cute!
We've got a busy day planned after this! 

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  1. (belated) Happy Valentine's Day everyone! So wonderful having a local CFA that hosts fun events (e.g., bingo!) and more importantly, great people working there (shout out to Alex!). Such a special time for the givers (Alli & Ian) and the receivers...putting love and gratitude in action! Yes, need a hearty breakfast (w/ heart-shaped biscuits) for the full day of sharing even more Valentine's treats for some (many) special workers :-) EOM