Thursday, February 1, 2024

Ian's Airplane Contest

After finishing school early one day, while Alli was still working, Ian disappeared into his room on some sort of mission. When he came out, he was excited. 

Ian - I made an airplane contest! Alli, would you like to play?!?
Alli - Sure! 

But what is an airplane contest? Ian went on to explain it. 

Ian - You go into our room. You have a maximum of 5 minutes to design and decorate your airplane. You're judged on many different things including distance, speed, time to build, and looks.  

Ian - Your build is a secret, so once you're done, hide it and then I'll go. 

And who are the judges? 
Ian - Mom and Dad, can you be the judges? 

We each have our own scoring sheet. 
You can see that Distance is weighted the most heavily, having a possible 20 points. Looks, Speed, and Time to Make are each worth a possible 10 points each. 

Alli came out of their room after 4:30 minutes with a typical paper airplane design that was colored nicely. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't all that aerodynamic. 

Ian finished his design in 3:30 minutes. His is less airplane like, and more crumpled cylinder of paper. 

It was less "flying" and more "hurling" the airplane. 

Best of 3 throws for distance. 
Ian's ended up going the furthest. 

The contest.

Ian - If you don't want to use your own plane, you're allowed to use any of these alternate planes I made. 
Each of them had a different design. These are all very colorful with different designs. 

Neither chose to go with the alternate planes, but we designed to try throwing them anyway. 

None of those planes flew any better than their original ones, so it's good they didn't pick them. Fun idea to make them though Ian. 

A look at all the airplanes and designs. 

What about the judging? 
    Ian - Distance: 10, Looks: 2, Speed: 5, Time to make: 6. Total 23
    Alli - Distance: 3, Looks: 8, Speed: 2, Time to make: 4. Total 17
    Ian - Distance: 12, Looks: 2, Speed: 8, Time to make: 8. Total 30
    Alli - Distance: 4, Looks: 8, Speed: 2, Time to make: 7. Total 21

And so, with a total of 53 points to 38 points, Ian has won the Airplane Contest. 
That was fun Ian! Good creative ideas!

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  1. Good efforts from Ian and Alli...Alli went with the classic look to "glide into the skies", while Ian chose a futuristic design to "blast off into the skies"! Imagine where either plane would have landed on a blustery day :-) EOM