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The Return to Florida 2022 - 2022/10/28

Well, I'm always trying to play catch-up with the blog and writing up the things we did. I've completely missed writing our 2023 road trip. Gotta start somewhere, so we'll pick up from where we just returned from our 2022 road trip, having made it back to Orlando

The day after getting back to Orlando and getting back to our RV resort, we were back to our happy place! Disney World! We've got some fun things to see today! 

As we entered, we see that Pluto's Pumpkin Pursuit is going on, along with Remy's Hide & Squeak scavenger hunts. 

We don't really need a mini pumpkin pail, so we'll just keep our eyes out, without paying the accompanying $10. 

We've been missing Club Cool! 

Test Track is always lots of fun! At this point, we're still going through the regular line. But! Alli just turned 7, which means she's allowed to ride by herself now! I see some single rider visits in our future! 

As soon as we exited the making of our vehicle, we came to a standstill. Must mean it's snack time! 

That front tooth doesn't look like it's going to hold on much longer, especially eating that apple! Spoiler: It wouldn't! It came out 3 days later on Halloween night! 

Let's go! 

Ian in front with the 4 of us in the back. 

It's kinda crazy when you run into someone you know here! We're visiting Club Cool a 2nd time and suddenly Theresa hears her name being called. It's Becky from Michigan! We had a big Dole Whip taste test with her! It's a small world. 

The kids have been missing that buttery, salty popcorn from Epcot. Gotta have a nice treat. 

Let's go see what's new with The Land and their greenhouses! 

Hi workers! 

Looks like a bountiful harvest. 

Time to start finding pumpkins! Like Chip and Dale! 



And Minnie. 

Olaf was inside Club Cool. Better get another drink while we're here. 

Quick break to ride Mission Space! I'm glad the kids don't get motion sick! 

Flying to Mars. 

Here's Pluto!

Alli thinks she sees someone. 

Wall-E and Eve!




Figment of course. 

And finally, Groot! Speaking of Groot. 

Since we've been gone, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has opened! And I got into the Virtual Queue! 

This indoor queue is crazy. 

They haven't watched Guardians of the Galaxy yet, but they've been on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout in California, and they've seen Baby Groot. 

Theresa wasn't sure she could do this ride. I'd heard varying things about the level of motion sickness it induces. In the end, she chose to skip it. 

But the kids and I got a front row seat for all the action! 

And boy was it wild! We all loved it! 
Definitely not one that T should go on though. 

Having had our fun in Epcot, we decided to make our way over to Hollywood Studios! 

Piled into Runaway Railway!

Let's see how good we are at Toy Story Midway Mania after taking an entire summer off. 

Whew! My shooting arm was well rested! That might be my highest score yet! Theresa was my shooter, helping me open up hidden bonuses! 

Best of the hour! Man, those people who get into the 400s are amazing. 

After we exited, we learned the kids both did really well too! Ian thinks he got a new high score of 169k and Alli with 99k!

Ian has wanted to ride on the Tower of Terror for a long time. It's a favorite ride of his here. Alli hates the "dropping" feeling in her stomach. 

Made it! 

Okay, we've got an official 7 year old who can do the single rider line now! The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster lines will now be a lot shorter for us (we hope). 

Yeah Alli! 

You go Ian! 

And both Alli and Ian did great! 

Like we do to end most nights here at Hollywood Studios, we pick a favorite last ride. It can be Slinky, Rise of the Resistance, Midway Mania, or whatever. Today we chose Rise of the Resistance. Once all the people using Lightning Lane were done, the line moved quite fast! 

We were seeing Storm Troopers only 19 minutes after park closing! 

And being interrogated right before getting thrown into our jail cell. 

Luckily we had some rebel friends who broke us out!
We got loaded onto a transport vessel, sat down, just about to get buckled when... 
"Wait! No one buckle their seat belts!"

"I'm sorry, but we've just broken down. We'll have to escort you off the ride. They'll take care of you at the exit though. "

Aww. Bummer. I wish we had been in the middle of the ride when it broke, so we'd get to walk through the scenes there. As it was, we were led down some back hallways. 

Seeing other transports where people had already buckled their belts, waiting to be released. 

Walking more of those back hallways. 

A cast member at the exit explaining that she could give people a Lightning Lane pass for TOMORROW. The whole park was closed down at this point. People were not happy with this, obviously. Many were leaving the next day, or going to a different park. Unfortunate. 

Knowing we were among the first to get off the ride, we hoofed it over to Guest Services to chat with them. They knew about the issue and the flood of people they were about to get. We didn't ask for anything too special. Just to move our free Lightning Lane to the next week (when we had reservations for the park) instead of the very next day. No problem doing that for us. And by the time we were done, the line for Guest Services had grown by quite a bit! 
Well, we're happy to be back in Florida! Bring on the sunshine! 

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  1. Boohoo...what a bummer to end the day that way...but at least you got the LL changed easily! That was a full day re-energizing yourselves with the Disney magic :-) Club Cool is always a favorite haunt throughout the day...always amazing when you unexpectedly bump into someone from out of state at your happy place. Those scavenger hunts are fun and a challenge at times...but the kids' eagle eyes always spot what they're hunting for. That Cosmic Rewind attraction looked wild based on the photo...that man sitting next to you had an expression of "whooooooooa...that was wild!" Theresa was a great "wingman" for you on TSMM. First it was the "height privileges", now it's the "age privileges"...exciting times when the kids hit those milestones :-) EOM