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Settling back in in Florida - 2022/11/01

A few more of our stories from getting back to Florida in late 2022. 

The sunsets in Florida are beautiful!

Doing a few arts and crafts projects at the main camp house. 

Looks like a scarecrow to me!

Loving a dinner of chicken nuggets. 

We had just come from Wegner's Crystal Mine in Arkansas and were lugging around this giant 56 pound crystal in the RV. 

But today we're going on a bike ride in Florida to see our friend Henry! I moved the 56 pound rock into my backpack for the trip there! 

It's a beautiful day! Let's go!

Stopping by the bridges to see if the gators are out. 

Yep! There's a few babies! 

Hi Henry! We brought treats! 

Good to see the horses Olga and Medusa. 

We've been away so long Sven. Do you still remember us? Yes, he does. 

Hello Lurch! Getting a few feathers on you now. 

And of course all the goats, including a few youngsters. 

New this year is Kurt the donkey! He's big! Want some cabbage? 

Lurch is checking out the crystal rock I brought over. 

Henry's new pond he's dug out for the geese. 

And a few new chickens since the last time we were here too. 

After Henry caught them, which wasn't easy, the kids both got to hold them. 

Showing off a few of the wild grape vines that the goats like to eat. 

We'll have to pick a few to feed them during future trips. 

The chickens love being out to roam around. They are an interesting sight to see on the bike path. 

Stopping on the way back to find more gators. 

There's the big one that we remembered likes to hang out here! 

How about a trip to Disney? We were still doing our walking challenges, so we parked at Hollywood Studios and walked all the way over to Epcot. 

There's a Remy Scavenger Hunt going on. 

We found a few of them ourselves. 

Let's get some tasty drinks! 

You know, now that Alli is 7, we can do the single rider lines for everything! 

Sometimes we get lucky and end up in the same car! 

And other times we get really really lucky and they put all four of us in the same car together!

Been a while since we went on Soarin. 

And we love seeing everything growing at The Land. 

Popcorn and drink stop! 

And some cotton candy. 

One more ride on Test Track before we head back over to Hollywood Studios. 

We walked back over to Hollywood Studios to have dinner in the truck. Alli is eyeballing that cookie we got at the Germany pavilion. 

When we were here last, we tried to end our night on Rise of the Resistance. As soon as we had sat down, the ride shut down and we were evacuated. Today we get to use our free Lighting Lane we got because of it! 

First time going through the much shorter Lightning Lane line. Lucky! 

Seated and buckled! Perfect!

The crowds were low tonight! We rode Toy Story Midway Mania a few times as a walk-on! 

T putting up a high score! In the 300ks! Good job! 

And ending our night on Slinky Dog! Love it! 

Feeling a little Disney deprived from all our time on the road, the next day we were back to Epcot to do it all again! On the way over this time we ran into a Chipmunk! 

Two chipmunks! 

Just a quick ride on Test Track and designing our own cars for the big race. 

And since we walked all the way there, let's just take the sky buckets back. 

Dinner was once again in the truck. This time, a tasty curry from a thermos. Yum! 

Into Hollywood Studios! 

Waiting in the regular line for the Rock n Roller Coaster. 

Hands up! 

Looking at a few new merchandise opportunities. A shirt with lots of Disney hats on it! I like it! 

And I love Hercules! 

Look at that big 204,900 score on Toy Story Midway Mania! Who does it belong to? 

Ian! Congratulations on beating that 200k barrier! 

And ending the night on Slinky Dog again! Awesome! 

Time for another bike ride! 

More gators by the bridges. 

Those young gators are eyeballing the frog who is just out of reach. 

I wouldn't be hanging out so close. 

Pulling up to Henry's we can see that he's already put our big crystal rock to good use! He's got the Seven Dwarfs mining it. 

Hi goats. 

Hi horses. 

Snack time. 

Seeing the tiny tortoises on the way back to the truck. 

And another even smaller one. They have to stop to get a picture. 
Well, it's great to be back in Florida. It's starting to feel like home. 

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  1. Getting to do all the favorite "home" things does give you a sense of belonging and contentment! So wonderful the family is able to maintain the friendship with Henry and his menagerie...a smile came to my face when I saw Henry's dwarfs mining that huge crystal :-) (that was a heavy weight to put in your backpack!) Lots of opportunities to rejuvenate your Disney spirit and get in LOTS of walking! (having a yummy homemade curry for dinner was quite a treat!) Along with all that walking the familiar bike trails brought back fond memories, too...yes, don't get too closer to those gators! Never knew you had your "own" Margarita hangout at Disney :-) Always nice to come back to your Florida home! EOM