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Disney around the World - Day 5 Part 3 - Shanghai Disneyland 2018/10/18

Ian - Dadda, can you write the next Disney Around the World story? 
I am overdue for that, aren't I? 

Continuing from our morning back in 2018 when we explored Shanghai Disneyland, it's time to move on to even more fun rides!  

Looking over to the right side of the main hub, off in the distance we can see Adventure Isle! 

I'm always used to Adventureland being on the left side of the park, so this is a little different for me! The story goes that the Arbori people have lived here for millenia. In 1935, an expedition of the League of Adventurers was blown off their original course and found their way here. 

Dominating the landscape is Roaring Mountain, known by the locals as Apu Taku. 

And built around it is Camp Discovery and the Camp Discovery Challenge Trails. Fun! We've never done anything like this before! 

It's 10:30 in the morning and the sign is showing a 45 minute wait. They are pretty serious about not allowing you to carry anything with you, especially bags and phones. There's lockers provided to leave your things in. 

Sadly, some of us didn't quite make the 42" height requirement to play on the challenge trails. Theresa will be sitting this one out while she and Alli visit the Excavation Site at Camp Discovery. 

Here, they have all their own sets of challenges! Alli loved it! 

Excellent balance crossing that bridge!

And a difficult rope bridge. 

Nice crossing. 

And getting across those platforms. Excellent! 

With no cell phones to check in on us, Theresa kept an eye out for us to emerge from the queue with all our gear. After turning out our pockets and showing we didn't have any hidden phones, each of us got suited up into a seated harness along with an appropriately sized rope. On the end of each rope was a thick metal washer that was fitted into a track above our heads. 

And from there, we were off! Left to travel down any one of three different paths. To get to the next section, we have to navigate over different obstacles in our path. From stone columns. 

In most places there are 3 different ways to get across. In this section, there's a normal walkway, a narrow log, and a bridge with many missing planks. Who is feeling brave? Lead us on Ian! 

And we're not just hanging out at the ground level either. We are high in the air, protected from a fall only by our harness and ropes. 

Hopping from log to log a dozen feet in the air. 

Crossing a very wobbly bridge. 

Hi Mommy! 

After crossing each section, there was a wide platform with junctions allowing other people to go ahead if you needed. There were also sections with one-way gates, allowing you to enter, but never back-track. 

Oh boy, we're getting high up now! Ian slipped a little, but was caught by his rope. He was a little tentative (I mean he is only 4), but he pushed on and attempted even the more challenging sections. 

That gap however might be a little too big to hop across. 

Getting a lift over the gap. 

Finishing up our awesome time! This was so much fun! Like no other attraction at a Disney park I've seen before. 

Alli showing us that she really could do it if only they would let her. I know you could Alli. You're bold! 

Next to the Challenge Trails is another favorite, but a copy I suspect of many of the other parks. 

It's Soaring Over The Horizon! 

The wait time here was 60 minutes, but luckily for us, we've got a fastpass! 

Instead of "Chief Flight Attendant Patrick" we are greeted by an eagle who then turns into an Arbori Shaman. 

There wasn't an English translation for this, but during the safety briefing, we got a lot of the same jokes as we did back home. 

This includes: Cameras, purses, hats, and of course... these little beauties. 

Aww. Same joke. Love it. 

If smaller aviators don’t measure up to the height indicator on the seat, just put the belt through the loop in the center strap before buckling. 
Nice work pal! 

As we entered, the giant screen in front of us is covered with stars and looking into the Milky Way. 

Not quite the center, but at least we're on the top row! 

Ready to soar! 
It was pretty much the same as the Soarin Over the World that shows in Florida and California, with the one difference being at the end. Instead of flying over Disneyland (California) or Epcot (Florida), you fly over downtown Shanghai while fireworks go off all around and finally three yellow fireworks form a Mickey shape over the Shanghai World Financial Center. Odd that it is there instead over the Disney park. Maybe because this ride was an opening day attraction and the park and castle wouldn't have been completed when it was filmed?  

Who is hungry? Let's all head to the Tangled Tree Tavern, inspired by the Snuggly Duckling from the movie Tangled! 

Everyone has stickers for the kids. They're getting a good collection. 

Inside, look at all the tasty treats! 

They never get the nose right. 

We've got so much delicious looking food here! And cheap! For $10 we get a entree bowl, drink, and dessert! 

Theresa's curry was tasty and flavorful. A bee also took a special interest in Theresa. Probably cause she's so sweet. 

My crispy pork was a bit chewy. But look at that adorable egg! Not only is it Mickey shaped, but it's got Mickey's entire face moulded into it! 

And no one here is complaining about a free popsicle! 

Clean plate club! Love the bowls too! 
Ruston recalled that we were planning this trip last year around Candlelight after he sang. Yep, we were all on our laptops and cell phones in front of the castle last year getting this whole trip planned out!

As we finished lunch, we had just enough time to hustle over to the Eye of the Storm Captain Jack Stunt Spectacular! 

We entered a lobby with a whole crowd of other guests. 

And we couldn't understand a single word of what they were saying, but they sure were animated. 

We were led into a gigantic theater. 

Where we still couldn't understand what was going on. 

But the stage was really cool and the stunts were fun. 
Jack Sparrow showed up and Ian started doing the same cheer as he does for football teams. "Let's Go Jack Sparrow! Let's Go Jack Sparrow! Let's Go! It will help him win."

The wind and other effects were pretty amazing, and when they got caught up in a hurricane and battled in the air it was awesome! It's like indoor skydiving without the glass tube! Amazing! 

And since we're here checking out Treasure Cove, why not see what these salty old pirates are up to. It showed a 15 minute wait, but we walked right up to a boat!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but all I can say is wow. This ride was an amazing update to the pirates rides we have back home. Very well done. I'll have more pictures in a future post. 

But we did get our photo taken during the ride, and is wasn't even on one of the drops. 

Bubbles! The kids have been getting so much candy and stickers from all the cast members they see. 

Time for one more ride while we're in the area. At Adventure Isle you can see Roaring Mountain, but did you know that you can join the League of Adventurers and go inside the mountain? I wonder why it's called Roaring Mountain? Theresa, Ruston, and Alli opted not to go on the ride and get wet. 

As we walked up, we noticed that everyone, and I do mean everyone was wearing a poncho. Do they know something we don't know? 
Feeling a little concerned, I tried to ask a the fastpass cast member where to buy them, but he just said our fastpasses were good and pointed that we could go in. Maybe something got lost in translation. I tried to explain again, but he just pointed us off down the queue. Okay... Are we holding up the line? Sorry...

Nope! It wasn't that at all. Before you board, another cast member is selling ponchos for just $1.30 each! They are selling so many of them! They're super cheap and easy to rip, but they do the job! 

Protected from the water, we are now ready to go on an expedition to see what this Roaring Mountain is all about. 

Party of 3. Thanks Ian. 

Here we go! 

I know this is a similar track to the Grizzly River Rapids from California Adventure, but it feels especially violent! I was leaning over to hold Ian and one of the bumps made my back crack! 

Going up the lift hill and looking back towards the castle. 

I like how we're on an expedition and looking for something. And boy did we find it! The roaring as we entered the mountain grew louder and louder! As we slid down a hill, we came face to face with an enormous crocodile! It was huge!!! Cool! 

The final hill didn't make you spin like DCA, so instead we had a big splashdown. The final geysers that drench me back home without fail, only got me a little bit today. 

Just like there was someone selling the ponchos as you entered, as you leave, another cast member is collecting them! 

A very good system! 

Ian watching the other riders coming off the final hill. 

While we were at Roaring Rapids, T, Alli, and Ruston were celebrating their Un-Birthday at a Mad Tea Party. 


I love the hat Alli. 

Such big tip-toes to get up there! 

So big now! 
Well we'll go ahead and stop it there for now. The next installment will be coming soon (I hope).

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  1. What a cute Mad Tea Party those colors and all the props...the hat on Alli looked perfectly balanced :-) Wow...those Challenge Trails really were quite different and lots of fun and challenging at times...4 yr old Ian was bold & brave to push through it all (great job Ian)...great photo of the four of you on the stone columns (liked the playfulness and fun poses and expressions on everyone). Definitely had a fun alternative challenge course for the smaller ones...Alli had quite the adventure exploring things in that Excavation Site (looked like a surfer pose in that one photo where she's on that angled rock, getting ready to jump to that bench). Surprised the food was so inexpensive...great variety (even a freebie)...Awww, "bee interested in Theresa because she's so sweet" :-) :-) The Captain Jack stunt show looked sooooooo elaborate...the scenes and stage props looked great! The Mickey egg yolk puts a new meaning to "egg on his face" :-) That's a very wet Roaring Rapids attraction as usual...yikes! so violent to actually feel your back crack! Such a full but fun day already! EOM