Thursday, February 15, 2024

Valentines Day Pixie Dust at the Magic Kingdom 2024 - Giving out 350 valentines to Disney Cast Members

Happy Valentines Day! 

If you've followed along with the blog for a little while, you've got an idea of what we're going to be doing today! We've got reservations to Disney World and we're going to hand out treats to all the cast members! 

It starts a couple days before when we all get together for dinner and get all the baggies packed up. Everyone got a few mini candy bars, plus a Hershey's Kiss this year. 

And we've been adding notes to the baggies lately too. Previously I was cutting them all by hand, but Jacob remembered he had a paper slicer and brought it over. Oh my, so much easier and more precise than using scissors! 

Alli giving her bag a little extra decoration with more hearts the night before. 

It's Valentines Day! We got up early enough to grab a Chick-fil-A breakfast and all headed to the Magic Kingdom! The kids started giving out valentines right away to the cast members in the parking lot. 

And to all the security officers we encountered. 

The people working the monorail. They were the first ones off, hustling down the ramp to give out goodies. 

Already time for a refill from Uncle Jacob? 
Ah, I know why. It's because we're about to give all of it out at the Crystal Palace! 
I was texting our friend who works there the day before, just making sure she was going to be working. 

She must have had her eye out for us because as soon as we were walking up, she came out! 

Hi Mrs. Julissa! Great to see you again! 

After making sure everyone outside got a treat, we headed inside for all the rest. 

Crystal Palace is a pretty big restaurant with lots of people working here. It's just after the breakfast rush, so hopefully our timing it good enough that it's a slower period to see everyone. 

And Julissa had a surprise for the kids too! A Valentine treat bag!

With a nice card and lots of candy! 

Plus a cute plush chocolate covered strawberry for Alli! Love it! 

Then Julissa took them all over the restaurant, trying to see every single server. 

Mrs. Mildred is working today too! And Tony! We're seeing a lot of familiar faces! Tony was asking what got us started with doing this. It was back in 2019 when we happened to be flying from California to Michigan on Halloween. We thought it might be fun to give out candy on the airplane and during our 2.5 hour layover in St. Louis. The kids had a great time and we've tried to keep doing it ever since! Last year we did Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas treat give-aways at the parks. 

Ian - I'm smiling so much! 
It does feel really good to make other people smile, doesn't it. 

Can't forget the cooks in the kitchen! We even got to meet Julissa's husband! 

Even Chef Jennifer came out to give the kids a treat. 

And then we made sure to visit the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. It's a treat for you Eeyore!

And Tigger! No, you can't eat it right now. 

A present for Pooh Bear! 

And even Piglet. 

Thank you Julissa! It's always great to see you! The kids look forward to this the most. We left her with a big handful of extra bags, just to cover anyone we missed. 

Hope to see you next time Mrs. Mildred! 

Time to go make more people smile! Pirates looks like it's down and there's a big line of cast members waiting out front. 

Ian took one side and Alli took the other to make sure everyone was covered. 

Cast Member - Give them the flag! Let them take a picture with the flag! 
Done! Thank you! 

It appears we're not the only ones leaving treats in the park today. 

On a lamppost in plain view for anyone looking is another Valentine treat bag. We opted to leave it and let someone else find some magic. 

The kids give out Valentines to anyone and everyone. Janitors are one of their favorites. 
Ian - They work so hard. They deserve it. 
Joe - I think you've given one to that janitor already. 
Ian - They still deserve it. 
Occasionally when they give treats to people working the food service booths, they'll get a treat in return. 
Cast Member - I don't think this broken pretzel would sell, but would you like it? 
Ian - Yes! 

And at another booth, even though it's just the kids who go up to hand out the treats, a kind cast member was watching who they went back to and brought all five of us Mickey bars! And another one brought the kids cotton candy! Oh my! 


The Mickey bars were tasty on this warm and sunny February day. 

Into Tomorrowland! 


Taking the time to smell the roses around the central hub. These ones smelled nice. 

The Country Bears show may be gone, but a few of the bears were still outside greeting people. 
Ian! Don't feed the bears! 

Jack Sparrow had a long line to see him, so we gave a bit of candy to the people managing the line, and they promised to get it to him. We're on our last refills though! It went really quick today! 

Alli - Can you get a picture of me with those pretty yellow flowers? And the purple ones too? 

Well we've finished a little earlier than we expected today. And thinking back, we didn't go on a single ride! 

The few bags we had left, were given to the monorail cast members, parking lot guides, and security guards as we made our way back to the truck. 

For dinner, it's got to be cheese fondue! It's a Valentines Day tradition! 

And chocolate dipped fruit for dessert. 
Today was a really fun day at the Magic Kingdom! The kids loved the hundreds and hundreds of smiles they collected. 

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  1. What a day! Crystal Palace is an extra special place to visit and share Valentine treats...I was taken by that one photo of the lady worker where she had such a big smile and clasped hands over her chest as if exclaiming, "For me?...THANK YOU!"...that expression beautifully captured how the treats with the personal note (the note adds such a personal that little extra effort) affected all the recipients! Seeing familiar faces, like Julissa, makes the visit even more heart-warming for everyone. The kids have learned at an early age how smiles truly warm hearts, and how giving their smiles & their treats (just "frosting on the cake") is invaluable...their giving results in so much more in return, both tangible and intangible (kudos to you & T who model this). Jacob has been a big help on these big treat days (in prepping and the day of...thanks, Jacob!) Having the traditional Valentine's Day dinner & dessert is the perfect way to end the day. P.S. Cute Olaf magic shot! EOM