Saturday, May 9, 2015

Karl's superhero birthday party

It's Saturday and we're celebrating a co-worker's baby's first birthday. And it's Superhero themed!

Our littlest Avenger suited up and was ready to go!

The theming was great! Like this giant skyscraper with superhero cupcakes climbing to the top. We'll be back for those.

Look at all the super heroes at this photo spot. He was holding his shield just like we practiced this morning. Good job!

And with just a little bit of imagination...

Where do super heroes get all their energy? Watermelon!

Seriously. He ate four slices of watermelon.

Any criminals lurking behind these trash cans?

As party favors all the kids got these awesome capes! There was even a Captain America one!

He really got into perfecting his super hero yell.

It's cupcake time!

Getting a great big bite of frosting. Mmm.

 At least the blue matches his outfit.

Hi Olli!
Ooh, a bounce house! All the big kids were busy getting cupcakes. Now's our chance!

Jump, jump, jump!

A little video montage of his fun time in the bounce house.

Practicing to bounce with daddy.

There's mommy!

Instead of bouncing, he really enjoyed running across the bouncy floor.

Uh oh. Here come the big kids again. Time to go.

Happy Birthday Karl! Thanks for the invitation! Ian had a blast!

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