Monday, May 25, 2015

Fisherman's Wharf and Ghiradelli Square

Today is our last day in San Francisco, but we're not done sight seeing. After checking out of our hotel, we headed straight to Fisherman's Wharf.
Along the way Ian said hello to a turtle.

And to a fisherman.

We walked among the various shops leading up to the pier.

Ian was a lot happier walking than riding in the stroller.

We were on the wrong side of the street to visit the Boudin Bakery. We've sampled their breads at Disneyland's California Adventure (no surprise, in the Wharf area of the park), but we didn't get to visit today.

You could hear them, and certainly smell them before we got there. What is it?

The famous sea lions of Pier 39.

What are those?

I want to touch them!

Walking along the pier, Theresa commented that she's never been to Alcatraz and that this was the closest she's been to it. And then she'd take another step closer and say that's the closest she's been to it. In the end, I think this is about the closest she's ever been to Alcatraz.

Exploring the other stores along the wharf, the Candy Baron has barrels and barrels of all sorts of different salt water taffy flavors. Among the standard flavors like peppermint, orange, cherry, raspberry, and apple. They've also got many unique flavors like peanut butter, buttered popcorn, maple, maple bacon, huckleberry, cherry cola and chicken and waffle!

Ruston particularly enjoyed the peanut butter taffy. I was thinking the chicken and waffle would be delicious, but it was all salt and not too much flavor. I think my favorite was the cherry cola taffy.

It wasn't on the agenda, but when Ian saw it and yelled "Ride!" we knew we had to stop.

It costs $2 per person, no matter how old they are, but $4 isn't all that much for a fun memory.

It's a double decker carousel, but Ian chose this seahorse on the lower level. Easier to wave at mommy that way I suppose.

After that, it was the five of us wandering amongst the shops on the pier.

On a past visit, Theresa had some of the best berries ever from this stall.

And they certainly looked and smelled delicious. But after buying 4 lbs of strawberries just 3 days ago, we're feeling a bit strawberried out.

At the Biscoff coffee corner, Jacob bought us all coffee biscuits to have the next time we made coffee. I have to admit, they were pretty tasty.

Just enough time for a group photo before we run to the next stop.

I threw Ian up on my shoulders as we made the walk to Ghiradelli Square. He started to get a little saggy, so he went into the stroller and a minute later he was asleep.

Just by walking through the door, you're given a square of chocolate. I believe today's was milk chocolate filled with caramel.

We wandered through the shop, but decided not to pick up any more chocolate squares. Instead we're right back outside and in line for the cafe. Hmm, there's so many delicious choices and we haven't even had lunch yet. Ice cream for lunch!

After placing our order (and making sure $1 off by checking in on Yelp) we looked around at the process for making chocolate. First the cocoa beans are shelled, and the nibs inside are roasted.

After roasting, the nibs are ground down, melting it and resulting in unsweetened liquid chocolate.
Next, granite rollers mix the liquid chocolate with milk powder, sugar, vanilla, and other ingredients, and the result is the chocolate we all know and love!

And speaking of chocolate, here's our order!

Mmm. What do we have here? Starting from the top it's the Sea Salt and Caramel Sundae, a large up of Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate, a cup of Decadent Drinking Chocolate, and a Cookie Bits Sundae.

Ian is still out and surely doesn't know what he's missing.

Theresa was happy with her hot chocolate, but thought it was a bit sweet.

Ruston and Jacob made good work on the cookie bit sundae they shared.

And I couldn't settle on just one thing. The Sea Salt Caramel Sundae was delicious of course, but the Decadent Drinking Chocolate is what I'm going to remember.
Perhaps you've read the Christmas book The Polar Express. There is a portion where the children are on board the train that reads, "We drank hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars." I've always wondered what that might taste like, but I will wonder no more. That's the best way I can describe this drink.

Look who woke up just in time for ice cream

Time to hit the road. We've got to get to the airport and head back home.

It's been a quick weekend, but we've been so many places.

Looking at planes with Ruston.

Meeting new friends at the airport.

How to tire out a kid right before taking them on a plane...

Flying back in to Los Angeles and looking at the buildings as we're coming in to land.

We had fun San Francisco! Until next time!

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