Saturday, May 23, 2015

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

Theresa, Ian, Jacob, Ruston and I are spending Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco. Everyone got to decide on two things they wanted to do. Theresa's first choice was the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. Once we find some tasty treats we're going to do my first choice, a picnic in Alamo Park.
Our morning started with a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Ruston was a fan of making his own peanut butter and banana waffles.

Ian was happy to eat Cheerios, bacon, eggs, and fruit.

Next we piled into the car and drove to the Ferry Building. From what we've seen so far, parking in San Francisco is expensive. Luckily there is a lot nearby that's only $2 if you get validation from the farmer's market.

On the way we found an awesome cobblestone road that Ian loved riding down.

Walking by the Embarcadero on the way to the Ferry Building.

The Vaillancourt Fountain looks like it could be pretty interesting if there was water flowing through it.

Today we skipped the all the street vendors and went straight to the fruit.

Theresa's no stranger to farmer's markets and loves all the free fruit samples.

And so does Ian.

Mmm. Honey straws.

Ian was a big fan of the honey sticks.

There's a ton of different vendors here. These heirloom tomatoes looked delicious.

Umm. No thank you.

After looking at all the vendors outside we went inside the ferry building to see the rest of the vendors.

Some delicious salami for our picnic.

Along with a couple loafs of bread.

And you have to have cheese for a picnic.

I love their slogan.

I even found a place that sells one of my favorite things, balsamic vinegar. I bought a small $6 bottle to enjoy with our picnic lunch.

I don't see these kinds of signs every day, so it was pretty fun to watch.

Now that we've sampled all the vendors it's time to go back to our favorites and buy things for lunch.

There were some delicious blueberries.

And Ruston got baby carrots to snack on.

With all the vendors here, Theresa was hoping to find some really delicious strawberries. Not too many people were offering samples, so she could only go by smell.

And boy were they delicious. Some of the sweetest and tastiest strawberries I've ever eaten. Ian agreed and devoured 4 by himself.

Since they were so delicious, Theresa went back to buy two more cartons. That's right. 4 cartons of strawberries for our 2.5 remaining days here.

It was a very successful morning at the Farmer's Market. According to the clock back there, it's almost lunchtime! Time to go enjoy our bounty.

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