Saturday, May 23, 2015

Golden Gate Park

It's been an eventful day, having gone to the farmer's market this morning, then having a picnic lunch. To finish the day we're visiting Golden Gate Park.
With all the places we're visiting for the adults this weekend, I thought it'd be good to make sure Ian had some fun. With that in mind, our next stop of the day was the carousel in Golden Gate Park.

For just $2 for adults and free for kids under 6, Jacob, Ian and I all took a spin. 

Mommy and Ruston decided to sit the spinning ride out.

Ian picked the giraffe to start. One major difference between this carousel and the one at Disneyland is the lack of belts on any of the animals. Luckily I'm wearing a belt today and could put a make-shift one together so Ian could ride without someone right beside him.

Ooh, how about that tiger instead of the giraffe!
Before the ride started though we noticed the outside ring of animals don't go up and down.

So we found a nice zebra to ride instead.

After a ride on the carousel we crossed through a haze of weed smoke and a hippie drum circle to the other side of the park.

What's there?

The Conservatory of Flowers.
We're not sure who picked this one, but man, as soon as we entered I was sweating.

This plant looks fake even when it's the real thing.


And of course the room with the pond was especially humid.

Pineapples look like they're added on after the fact.

One of the few things he could play on in here.

Orchids hanging everywhere.

After 20 minutes we'd visited all the rooms and I was ready to leave. Perhaps another day when it's a little cooler.

Now that we're outside, we let Ian go wild with picking the flowers. He'd showed so much restraint inside the conservatory.

On the way out, of course we let Ian take one more ride on the carousel. This time he picked a green horse.

Back at the hotel, Ian chased Ruston and Jacob down the hall screaming "run!". At the end of the hall, they'd hide from him and then jump out and scare him. He loved it.

Dinner tonight? T was feeling like Korean.

Delicious as expected.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! Muir Woods, wandering around San Fran, then the Disney Family Museum.

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