Saturday, May 16, 2015

Art Zone in Hermosa Beach

Today we're celebrating my co-worker Eliza's son's birthday! It's at a local kid's place called Art Zone. It's a 2 hour party from 10-12.

There's lots of different things to do here, but Ian was immediately drawn to the play room with all the stuffed animals. Here he played with the birthday boy Jackson with the trains.

And enjoyed a maraca and drum session with Abby.

Time for our first art project. We've got a clay fish and lots of little bits and bobs to decorate him with.

Nice job.

Next Ian saw the paint and wanted to do that.

The two Art Zone employees were very nice and always around to help out. They monitored all the different art locations and made sure each kid's name made it on to their masterpiece

Two brushes? Wow. Someone's got talent.
While we were finishing up painting, the next project came out.

I approve of the use of Broncos colors.

There were a few wet zones here, but Ian didn't spend much time in them. These spray bottles were filled with colored water you could spray on each other. We saw one kid with a nice pink streak on his forehead and through his hair.

Time for some handprints.

An employee was right there to help us out, and once we were finished it got coated with glitter and sand.

It's time for cake!

Happy 3rd birthday Jackson!

Eliza made lots of mini cupcakes and brownies for everyone to enjoy.


Someone liked licking the frosting off the top.

The chalk came out next.

I'm impressed Lucas.

For our final event, Jackson's name was written out with shaving cream and paint.

Jackson making a huge mess of it!

And Ian making just a little mess.

Happy Birthday Jackson! Thanks for inviting me!

But now it's time to go home and take a nap.

As we finished each project, the employees would gather it up and put it in our bag to go. We had a really fun time today!

Ian was super tired from all the running around this morning. Only a couple minutes after we left the parking lot, he was asleep in his carseat.

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