Saturday, May 23, 2015

Picnic at Alamo Square

After our morning at the farmer's market, it was time for our picnic lunch. The five of us piled into the car and Ian promptly fell asleep! I suppose we can wait just a little while for lunch while we give him 45 minutes to get a nap.
Well that gives me time to make one of the stops on my list.
Recognize this house?

No? What if I re-color it? Those of you who are fans of late 80s TV and the Friday TGIF lineup on ABC will recognize it as the Full House house.

It's been repainted since appearing in the TV show, and the trees have certainly grown since then, but it's definitely the same house.

Located on crowded 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco, this house certainly gets its share of visitors. While we were there, no fewer than 4 different groups came by to see it.

The gate was probably a good idea.

While we're in the area, why not stop by the house that was used in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Located at 2640 Steiner Street, this house was less crowded.

Time for our lunchtime picnic! And my first of two choices for things I get to do on this trip was to have a picnic in Alamo Square park, across from the houses known as The Painted Ladies. Why, you   ask?

Well at the very end of the Full House theme song, the Tanner family also enjoyed a picnic lunch here.

Ready to enjoy our bounty from the farmer's market.

Various meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies, along with some tasty dessert.

Theresa's cucumber.

Which she was happy to share with Ian.

For dessert we split a strawberry pie and rice krispy treats.

Plus a selection of cookies, including pecan sandies and macaroons.

After lunch, Ian took off running to explore the park. We stopped and waved at quite a few people who were also enjoying their lunch, and got quite a few smiles.
There were also some dogs at the park, and after getting permission from their owners, got to pet them and throw tennis balls for them to chase. Ian just loved it, and didn't want to leave.

Once I got him back to the picnic blanket, he found a small patch of flowers nearby.

Without any prompting, he picked one for his mommy.

So happy to be giving a flower to her.

Then he went back to the patch of flowers to get one for Jacob.

Another for mommy?

Nope, this time for Ruston. Nice job buddy. How about one for daddy? Not quite. First Jacob got 3 more flowers, and then it was time for daddy to have one.

It was a great picnic lunch at Alamo Square. I'm glad I chose it as my first choice. Now it's time to head off and do my second choice!

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