Thursday, June 27, 2024

2024 Pasadena Chalk Festival - DisneyMon - Day 2

Time for Day 2 of our Pasadena Chalk Festival Adventure! 

My day started around 8am, while I walked over from the hotel to see how our mural survived the night. We've learned a few tricks from past years. Barricades are great for keeping people from walking on top of your mural. Lay down a few umbrellas and that'll do a pretty good job of discouraging people. Add a plastic painter's tarp and you're in pretty good shape! 

Everything looks good! No issues surviving the night! 

While I was pulling things up, someone happened to be taking pictures of it and showed me an app that will take a skewed image and square up all the edges! I tried it out and it worked really well! No more having to adjust in Photoshop afterwards! Sweet! It's called Microsoft Lens and it's mostly meant for documents, but it works really well on pictures too. 

While the kids were getting ready, I got my timelapse cameras set up. Just need a little bit more painters tape to hold things up. Perfect. 
I also got started filling in the background. 

Ruston was able to complete most of his mural yesterday so he's able to sit and relax for the most part on Day 2. 

By 9am, Theresa and the kids arrived and started helping with the background and cleaning everything up. All the lines need to be tightened up, and any areas of color need to not have a white line between them and the next color. 


Not quite. T sees some spots in the castle that could use a little more color. I did the splits (almost) across the corner to reach all the way into the middle. 

Pull up the tape!

Now it's done! Great job kids! Super proud of you two. 10:45am on Day 2 and we're complete!

We all came up with a really fun idea and were able to get it down on the ground and make a lot of people smile. 

Since there's still a lot of the day to go, and we're in a high traffic location, Alli got started taping cones around our drawing to keep people from stepping on it. We've learned that people can be oblivious from some of our past years. 

Hey! It's someone I know! Debbie is an old coworker who has come out to multiple years of me doing the chalk festival! Thanks for coming to see me! 

The kids were a really big help with the mural, but every once in a while, they'd disappear. Where have you been going? 

Ah, the artist Chill Zone, where they have snacks and drinks for the artists. 

Ruston has a few more finishing touches to do. I like the textured background he's adding. 

Time to pull up tape! Usually the kids do this part, but this is Ruston's mural alone. He said he can't remember doing this part before! 

Awesome job Ruston! She looks great. 

Being finished means we can go to lunch! 

There's an 85C bakery within walking distance. 

Love that tasty bread. 

Coming back from lunch, Charlotte is still hard at work, but wrapping things up. 

Curt has a ways to go, I like his technique though. He's using a straight edge to get those really sharp lines. 

Jamie has wrapped up his Smellavator mural. Loved it! 

It's someone else we know! One of Charlotte's co-workers, Olivier, has been our friend on Pokemon Go for over a year now, but we've never met in person! 

And he brought his puppy too. 

As the day wound down, I pulled up all the cones. 

Charlotte and Curt are done! 

Curt did a tribute to the 2015 movie Chappie, with his Chalkie robot. 

And Charlotte did a great job with Cinderella. 

At 7pm the awards started. We didn't win anything, nor did our close friends, but we were happy for all those who did. 

Big thank you for all the volunteers this weekend. 

And the DJ. 

Plus all the sponsors who supported this event! 

And I have to give a shout-out to some new friends too. Albert and Amanda stopped by on Friday night while we were putting down our tempera layer. We chatted with them and learned they were also artists. On Saturday they came by while we were working and brought us cold waters from their place nearby. We saw them again on Sunday after we completed everything and chatted again. Super friendly and I hope you decide to participate next year! Great to meet you. 

Time to wrap things up here. I'll have another stand-alone post with more of the other artists' murals and paintings. Ian saying goodbye to another friend he made during the event. 

And as we were walking away, everyone started pointing up at the sky and saw that a SpaceX rocket had launched and was streaking across the sky. Cool to see! 

It's been a fun festival! We'll be back again next year with hopefully another fun mural idea! 

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  1. Wow...DisneyMon looked beautiful and colorful...what a great job by the entire family, especially with the challenging weather (as usual)...brought smiles to many people (especially Disney and/or Pokemon fans!). Long legs and arms come in handy to reach those distant places on a mural :-) The pink on Ruston's mural really popped out, and that was a creative, free hand textured background to complete the job...very nice. Actually, ALL the chalk murals are wonderful because they express each person's passion in their own creative way, and lots of hard work & sweat!! But a special shout-out to "Cinderella" since that's my favorite princess :-) :-) Ian & Alli continued the tradition of pulling up the tape to mark its "unveiling"...this time it had extra special meaning since they played a role in creating the mural, too! Seeing the SpaceX rocket was a great way to mark the end of the evening and say good-bye to the chalk murals until next year (such a shame it gets power-washed so soon on Tuesday). EOM