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Chick-fil-A Garden of the Gods - Rapunzel & Pascal's Enchanted Evening - Daddy Daughter Date Night

Tonight, Alli, Avery, Patrick, and I all got to attend Rapunzel & Pascal's Enchanted Evening at the Chick-fil-A in Garden of the Gods Colorado. It's a Daddy Daughter Date Night! 

A couple weeks ago, Patrick let me know that there was a special event happening at a nearby CFA. You had to register ahead of time, and we were both quick to sign up when registration opened. We opted for the first seating at 5pm, just in case things start to run behind later in the evening. 
For $28 per Daddy & Daughter, we'll get a lot of fun activities to enjoy! 
From the registration link, "Step into a world of magic with your precious princess for a night she'll never forget! Enjoy a Chick-fil-A meal, enchanting horse-drawn carriage rides, and a plush Pascal mini-moo. Wrap up the night with a fun themed craft. It's a night of bonding and unforgettable memories."

Let's go!  

The four of us hopped in the car, hoping traffic wouldn't be too bad on the way. 

And Patrick decided to play the soundtrack from one of his favorite Disney movies, Tangled as we drove! 

Upon entering CFA, we saw a big sign welcoming us. 

We got checked in, received purple wrist bands, and got some optional Rapunzel hair. 

A well-dressed server led us to our table. 

At our table there are fun butterfly placemats with lots of sparkles! 

Along with a lantern and a couple other special treats! 

It's a Chick-fil-A mini-moo cow dressed up like Pascal! He's adorable! 

With an acoustic version of the Tangled soundtrack playing in the background, Chick-fil-A Operator Randy Watson welcomed us all to a very special Daddy Daughter Date Night. He hoped we would enjoy some tasty Chick-fil-A food and wished for all the Dads and Daughters to make some very special memories together tonight. 
Thank you Randy, Linda, and everyone else who was a part of making tonight happen! 

Instead of ordering at the counter, a dressed up waitress came and took our order tableside! We can order whatever we like for our meal! 

While we waited for our food to come, we went to make a princess craft! There are lots of foam crowns and decorations to put on them. 
And meet Ms. Sue! She's the one who sewed every single one of those Pascal costumes for the mini-moo cows! All 60 of them! We made sure to tell her thank you very much for those. They are adorable. 

Looking beautiful Alli. 

And nice job too Avery! 

Our food has arrived! 

Alli wanted a grilled sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Yum! 
The CFA workers are always kind and polite, but tonight they turned it up even more so. Coming to our table and offering refills, taking our trash, making sure that we felt well taken care of. 

I opted for the new Chick-fil-A Maple Pepper Bacon sandwich with a spicy filet instead of the regular grilled one. The maple flavor was very strong on my sandwich (not so much on Patrick's). Mine wasn't particularly spicy, but it was flavorful. It's definitely different than the regular sandwich. 

Look who it is! Mr. Cow! All dressed up tonight!

Looking good Mr. Cow!

And Ms. Cow dressed as a princess!

It's a party! 

There's one more special thing going on tonight too! 

Our horse drawn carriage ride! 

While we waited our turn, Pascal tried to blend in to the tarp covering. Look at that flexible tail on him. Ms. Sue has outdone herself. 

Here they come! And it's a pair of Clydesdales! There's Prince on the left and Hamilton on the right. 

Let's go! 

Up and in to the carriage! 

While we rode around the parking lot, we could ask any questions about the horses we wanted.
How old are they? - Hamilton is 12 years old and Prince is 20. He gets to come along on the easier jobs. 
How much do they eat? - General rule is 2 lbs of hay per 100 lbs of body weight. Hamilton weight 2200 pounds, so roughly 40-50 pounds of hay a day! Wow!
Do they have a side preference? - They do usually pull from the same side all the time. 

Love this shot from the horse drawn carriage with the front of the building in view. 

Our ride around the parking lot is up. That was fun!

Being helped off the carriage. 

Thank you Prince and Hamilton! 

How often do you see horses at Chick-fil-A? 

Thank you Chick-fil-A, Randy and Linda, and everyone else who helped put this event on! We had a fantastic time! 

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