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Starting our 2024 travels - Visiting Sunset Holler - 2024/05/20

It's time to start our 2024 travels! We love Florida during the winter, but when the summer comes along, it's time to travel the country! We've got a lot of fun things planned already! Lots of fun adventures to come. We'll meet up with some old friends and hopefully make some new ones too! We've got just 6 more states to fill out on our USA map for the RV too, and the plan is to complete them all this summer! Let's go! 

The wild birds that wander the campground were there to see us off.

Goodbye Orlando! 
As we were driving, I tuned in the radio to Disney music along with the Feeling Happy playlist on Apple music. Because we're happy that we're on our way! 

Finding the billboard for the largest Christmas store in the world! The sign is all the way out here in Florida, but the store is in Michigan! 

And here we are, crossing the Florida border. Thanks for a fun time! 

Now we head to Georgia! 

Might as well stop at the Welcome Center. I'm behind from writing up last year, but when we stopped at the Florida Welcome Center I joked that they'll give you an orange and a baby gator. Theresa thought it was a joke, but when we went inside they offered us a glass of orange juice! 
When we came here, I joked that they'd give us a peach! 

No peaches, but they do have an advertisement for a theme park. 

And the kids got a magnet! 

Theresa has us covered. Haribo Peaches for the win. 

Next it was time to head over to Alabama. What's in Alabama? 

That's the location of Sunset Holler and our friends Gayle and Danny! We met them in Minnesota, and again in Wisconsin while traveling the country last summer. They said if we're ever near their place in Alabama we should stop by! And here we are! After a bumpy dirt road, we met Danny on his 4 wheeler waiting to bring us in. 

But whew! It's been a long day of driving! Normally we try to keep it around 5 hours, but today we're approaching 9. 

We've got water and electricity! Excellent! 

Danny and Gayle bought this property back in 2021 and have been improving it ever since. 

For dinner, they made fried chicken nuggets and french fries. 

When we met up previously, the kids kept making s'mores for Danny and he didn't refuse until s'more number 8. They've been looking forward to making him s'mores again and were happy to see a campfire ring. 

I think Danny only had 2 tonight. Maybe he learned his lesson from last time. 

The next morning we started early by playing a few card games. 

But the fun really started when Gayle and Danny's daughter arrived with her 3 kids! Now they've got friends to play with all day! 

Tossing a ball back and forth. 

Danny and Gayle's friends from Kentucky are visiting too, and have a dog. The kids loved playing with him. 

Good boy. It got to the point where he'd just go lay down after playing fetch for a while. He's not used to all the non-stop action and attention! 

Taking a break from the heat in the RV AC. 

And relaxing in the hammocks. I love hammocks. 

Danny and Gayle took us out on the 4 wheelers to explore the area. 


What's for dinner? Last time we got together in Wisconsin, I made them thin crust pizza. Now, I have a new toy that I got in January. A pizza oven! Along with all the toys that go with it! Like dough proofing boxes! 

I'll do a post on the pizza oven in the future, but we've been loving it. It cooks pizzas at 900F and it only takes 90 seconds! Theresa and I were busy! She was stretching the dough and doing all the toppings, while I cooked pizzas outside. 12 pizzas! 

But everyone looked to be enjoying them. 

That's a good looking pizza! 

Ian - Can we make s'mores for you again!?!
Danny pulled out his propane torch and got everything lit. 

A good fire and good company. 

Ian and Alli working on their massage skills. 

And just hanging out while everyone talks around the fire. It was a good night of chatting. 

Thank you Danny and Gayle for inviting us to Sunset Holler to visit! And it was good to meet new friends Phil and Joey! We'll hope to see you again, either on the road or back in Alabama! 

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  1. Lots of driving that first day but it led to a wonderful stopover at Danny's & Gayle's place! Such a relaxing, easy-going time to refresh and catch up on things while surrounded by lots of greenery...great campfire ring (yes, perfect for those s'mores and fireside chats)...Ian & Alli got to play/befriend some new kids (bonus: a dog to play with, too)...another opportunity for the entire family to meet new people...chance to make great pizzas (again) with that fancy pizza oven (whoa...900F in 90 sec!!...that's some oven) Wonderful start to the summer adventures. EOM