Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ian and Alli's Gymnastics USA Olympics Event 2024

Since we got back to Florida, we've really wanted to get the kids into some sort of physical activity. Ian used to love bouncing on the trampoline, and Alli has really enjoyed watching gymnastics on YouTube. Lucky for us, we happen to be near the largest gymnastics school in Florida! Gymnastics USA! 

So, ever since November, Alli and Ian have been attending multiple times a week, trying out different disciplines to see what they like and where their skills lie. 

Ian spent the first few months in Ninja Kids, and then moved into Tumbling. Alli has progressed through Beginner Gymnastics all the way up to Advanced Gymnastics! She's strong and determined! 

For the past couple of months, they've been learning a specific routine to perform at their end of the season Olympics! It's a big event for them and so we invited all the family to come out to watch! Although many would have liked to attend but couldn't, we still had a very strong turnout with both sets of grandparents and Uncle Donald! 

The hardest part was getting up at 7:30am to get over to the gym on time. They were nervous but excited. 

Inside, it was a bit crazy! Instead of the dozens of kids that are usually here during the regular weekly practice, there's hundreds! And hundreds more parents! 
All the kids marched with their coaches to the center of the mat, while the Olympic fanfare was playing. 

Catching a smile cause he sees we're all here to cheer for him. 

Because Ian and Alli are in different groups, but participating in the events at the same time, it was difficult to see both of them. I stuck with Ian for the entire time, while Theresa stayed with Alli. All the rest of the family was floating around to watch as best they could. 
We'll start off with Ian walking in with all of his group! 

First event is trampoline! And Ian is the first to go! (video of all the events at the end)

Oh yes, very official salute. 

Walking over to the next event where he will do some tumbling skills. 

Still working on that one-handed cartwheel, but he got it. 

And a salute to finish. 

After his three events had completed, he collected his participation medal and got to walk across the podium. 

Awesome job Ian! I've definitely seen you improving in your skills! You're stronger and more athletic than when we started for sure. 


Excellent work! 

Big thanks to his awesome coaches. We love Coach Jayden and his positive, encouraging attitude. 

And Coach Ari who pushes Ian to do new things. 

Uncle Don had to visit 7 different stores to find Mountain Dew Major Melon to give Ian for a celebration. 

Thanks for coming! 

While I was at the back of the gym, Theresa was making sure to catch all of Alli's moments in the front. 

Alli has had some fantastic coaches, bringing her from beginner, to intermediate, and now advanced gymnastics in time for the Olympics. Alli is a hard worker too. She's always outside doing cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, and all sorts of flexibility moves in order to get better and stronger. Gymnastics is her passion. 

You were amazing Alli! 

All thanks to her super amazing and encouraging coaches. Alex is so positive and believes Alli can do anything she puts her minds to. 

Coach Lucie taught Alli from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It's also her last day at the gym, so we're really going to miss her as a coach. 

And Coach Ronnie is always pushing Alli to be her best. When you get a high-five from him, you know you've done well. 

Amazing work Alli! We're all very proud of you! 

While many of the other kids were getting flowers from their parents, Theresa put together a snack bouquet for them instead. All sorts of tasty treats! 

After we finished, we headed just down the road to our new favorite BBQ joint, 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Don left a little early with everyone's order (it's counter service) and brought all the food to the table and had it ready for us to eat as soon as we arrived. Thank you! 

And he only had to visit 5 stores to find Alli's favorite soda, A&W Root Beer Zero. 

It was a tasty filling meal and a good time hanging out with everyone. 

Awesome work Ian and Alli! You two were rockstars! 

Everyone wanted pictures with them. 

Time to say goodbye and head to the airport! Thank you for coming to support them! 

Love you all! 

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  1. GREAT job, Ian & Alli!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your gymnastics routines...lots of hard work and excitement (and some nerves, I'm sure...I'd be nervous!) as you showed all your moves. Ian, I liked how you gave such confident salutes and walked so stately from routine-to-routine, along w/ your enthusiasm during your routines. Alli, you advanced so quickly from beginners to the advanced class in such a short time...good hard work on your part...such flexibility and balance on display! I noticed how enthusiastic and encouraging the coaches were during the meet...sounds like the coaches were wonderful with the kids throughout the training days...makes all the difference in the world. So exciting and wonderful that both sets of grandparents plus Don were able to fly out and support/encourage/cheer on Ian & Alli. High-fives to Don for being relentless tracking down the Mt Dew Major Melon & A&W Root Beer Zero as celebratory gifts to the kids (hey, the snack bouquets were a great idea, especially since they already have wonderful "Flowers" every day :-) ) Lots of great family photos to remember this Olympian day. EOM