Saturday, April 27, 2013

A special visit to the Disneyland Resort...

We'll get to why it was special at the end.  I love this photo of the four of us on the trolley.

Justin was a great conductor.  Lookout for that wall!  But seriously, we chatted with him while we waited for the trolley to be ready to depart.  When I told him my idea for the photo above, he was quick to jump out and take it for us.

I might try this view another time when the sun isn't directly behind us. 

Once the trolley ride was over, we arrived at the start of Buena Vista street, which happens to be close to Guest Services.  We got some information on a few guided tours, including a Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour that takes you into a few interesting places, including Walt's apartment on Main Street.  
While we were there, we also filled out a compliment card for Justin, our Trolley Conductor.  Whenever someone stands out, it's always important to recognize them and make sure their managers know their work is appreciated.  

While waiting for our special event, we hopped on the Little Mermaid.

The great part is that there is hardly a line here anymore and it's pretty much a walk-on ride.

The Fluke is the Duke of Soul.  Yeah!

Flotsam and Jetsam beckoning us to go and see Ursula.

At over 7.5 feet tall, she's quite the imposing figure.

I've been trying to get this shot for a little while.  There's always been a problem with it being too dark, blurry, out of focus, etc.  This one is better, but I'll still try to improve on it in the future.

King Triton is absolutely ripped, but what are those huge caterpillars where his eyebrows should be.

We're happy to see that Soarin' Over California is back after a brief closure.

Can you believe Ruston hadn't ridden Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree?  We made sure to remedy that today.

Next, we headed into a seldom visited land (for us at least).  It's A Bug's Land, and there's Flik!

Ruston found a "Luigi's Flying Tire Honorary Flight Instructor" sticker just laying around, and decided to modify his shirt with it and strike a dramatic pose.

When is the last time you've rode Heimlich's Chew Chew train?  It's been years for us.

Ruston decided the seat belts looked like Fruit Roll-ups

Hmm.  A very tough decision.  Brussels Sprouts or Candy Valley.  Definitely Candy Valley and we were treated to the tasty scent of Animal Cookies.

There was one more ride we decided to brave.  Flik's Flyers. 

And it's a spinning ride, so that means a few members of our group won't ride.  Poor Theresa and Ruston get motion sick.  But Ruston decided to give it a try just this once.

While you're spinning, it gives you an interesting look at the Tower of Terror.

There's Theresa just hanging out on the bench.  After the ride, Ruston decided he doesn't ever need to do that one again.  Aww, it must be terrible to get motion sick.

And then, it was 5pm and time to head over to a very special event.  I'll continue the story in the next post, but here's a hint.


  1. How fun! I doubt I'll ever get the chance to eat there so I can't wait to check it out in your next post!

    We spent some time in A Bug's Land every time we went to California Adventure since that's where our kids could actually ride most of the rides. Did you spot the four leaf clover while you were there? There's only one!

    1. I didn't even know about the four leaf clover. I'll have to make sure I look for it on my next trip!