Monday, April 8, 2013

I've got a pocket full of quarters at Disneyland. Let's have some fun spending them!

So we're always trying to figure out new ways to discover Disneyland.  Today we're exploring a few of the things you can buy with quarters at the Disneyland Resort.

First up, getting a penny pressed.  

I figured this one was appropriate since we just explored Los Angeles with Ruston and Jacob a few weeks ago following Walt Disney's life.  You can read about it here!

We tried to get our fortune read by Esmeralda but she was out of order.

So we explored the other things to do at the Penny Arcade.  We enjoyed a 3D picture story.

I endured huge electric shocks.

Then we tried out the penny flip books.

Theresa made Pinocchio dance in time to the music.  I don't think the song I've got no strings really applies here though.  He's totally got strings!

We continued into Frontierland and made Woody dance as well.  It was harder to keep a beat to Woody's Round-up and You've Got A Friend In Me.

Lots of tiny toys watching a giant Woody dance.

I then got to rub Aladdin's other Lamp and make 3 wishes.

Yay! A working fortune machine.

Very good advice.

Hey look! An Indiana Jones pinball machine. Awesome because we just saw tons of cool Indiana Jones stuff at the Discovery Science Center, which you can read about here.

Back in New Orleans Square we had one more opportunity to get our fortune told.  Fortune Red didn't have an Out of Order sign on him, but every quarter we put in came right back out.  I think our fortune must have been that we'd be saving 25 cents

Then we headed over to the Starcade in Tomorrowland.  We were fully ready to drop another quarter in the Fix-it Felix Jr. arcade but there happened to be 2 credits on the machine already. 

We each played a game and there were still 2 credits left on the machine.  Odd that it was free to play Fix-It Felix Jr. today.  Is that normal?

We headed over to California Adventure and Theresa made a 25¢ wish in the fountain.

Theresa found a pressed penny machine she liked.

It's Duffy!

And we even got to meet Duffy!

And got a sticker to prove it.

It's definitely springtime at the Disneyland Resort and Theresa is enjoying all the fruiting and flowering plants. These grapes still have quite a bit of growing left to do.

The lemon and orange trees are giving off the most amazing scents.

So we spent a while standing and smelling the blossoms.

And look who else is enjoying all these flowers.  A hummingbird!  Speaking of hummingbirds, later this week I'll have an update on our hummingbird babies.   

Our very last stop was a Downtown Disney penny press, because this penny press has some of my favorite characters from the Disney Afternoon!   

Huey Dewey and Louie!

It was a fun day exploring Disneyland doing something we normally would walk right by without thinking twice about.  Unfortunately a few things were out of order, and I completely forgot to do the Shooting Gallery, but that'll be something to do next time!

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