Sunday, April 28, 2013

Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at the Reagan Library Pt3

Continuing our exploration of the Treasures of the Disney Archives exhibit at the Reagan Library, we next saw quite a few items from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The Black Pearl's Maiden Head.

It's a pretty huge model.  This 26 foot long, 23 foot high model was used in the movies during the special effects scenes.

The HMS Endeavour used in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.

Here we see the screen used costumes of Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and Jack Sparrow.  Sorry, that's Captain Jack Sparrow. In the back we see the bone chair from Dead Man's Chest.

We've actually seen this chair before back in 2006 when it was on display in the Disney Gallery above Pirates of the Caribbean (now the Disney Dream Suite).

Bootstrap Bill's costume.

Pintel and Ragetti's costumes

There were lots of screen used props in this display case, including the chest that held the heart of Davy Jones, the jar of dirt, Captain Jack Sparrow's sword (that I almost expected to be made of wood), and the pistol with just one shot.

Also we got to see the compass that doesn't point north.

And the pirate medallion that Elizabeth Swan kept.

Finished with the outside tent, we headed back inside. These maquettes pay tribute to some great Disney characters. When Ruston asked "If you could have just one of these maquettes, which would you choose?" I decided I would pick Beast. Cogsworth was also a popular favorite with our group.

On the opposite wall are a bunch of our favorite characters. I was happy to see my favorites Hercules and Hades represented. Theresa found Rapunzel as well. Theresa deliberately posed like this in front of Mike Wazowski because he never gets his picture right on magazines or TV commercials.

The last display paid tribute to National Treasure 1 and 2. There were lots of fun things to see from the movie, including both of the Resolute desks.

Various paper props from the movie, plus Riley's book, and the Free Mason brick where they found the Ben Franklin spectacles.

A model of the Liberty Bell.  We actually saw the original in Philadelphia last year.

More props from the movie, Nicholas Cage's costume, plus the bell from the Charlotte that kicked off the rest of the crazy adventures.

The final room showed all the connections between Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan.

Busts of the US President's carved by Blaine Gibson, for use in the Hall of Presidents at WDW, Theresa's favorite place to take a nap when we're at Disney World.

A close-up of our 40th president.

When Ronald Reagan re-visited Disneyland for the 40th anniversary (remember he was actually there on opening day), he received his own name badge.

He even had a personalized Mickey ear hat that said Mr. President.

As you leave the exhibit, there is a model of the Team Disney building from the Disney Studios in Burbank. Check out the photo after this one or click here to read about our visit there. On the TV in the center there was a tribute to various Disney movies and TV shows. I liked our picture better than any of those though.

The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives was another great trip for the four of us. It was great seeing all that classic Disney history.  Next up, a quick trip through the Reagan portion of the Reagan museum.

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