Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The hummingbird babies have hatched and are getting big!

The last time I wrote about our visiting mama hummingbird, she had a nest and two eggs.  You can see more of those pictures here.
taken March 16, 2013

I'm not sure when exactly they hatched but on March 30th we had these tiny little birds and great big mouths looking up at us.  See how big the are in relation to the nest.  They're pretty tiny.


But they are growing up fast.  Their eyes still haven't opened yet, but they're really starting to fill out the nest.  This was taken only 4 days later on April 3rd, 2013.

And they're just able to poke their heads above the rim of the nest.

Two days later on April 5th, the nest is really starting to get crowded.  It's quite a difference between the photos taken on March 30th and April 5th.  They've put on quite a bit of weight.  Their feathers are really starting to come in too.  I'm wondering if they'll have some red coloring.

We still haven't seen their eyes yet. 

But this photo from April 9th shows them huddling together.

Today, April 10th, I happened to catch mama hummingbird at the nest feeding them.  She must be doing a good job because they've been getting big quick!  Also she's not sitting on them anymore.  The nest must be getting too crowded.

And for the first time, there are two baby hummingbirds looking at us as we come and go.

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