Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology part 2

The last and final Indiana Jones movie is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

We start by seeing the outfit Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody) wore in Venice when she first met Indiana Jones.

The next display has lots of great things to see.

We'll start with the objects that were in the collection of Walter Donovan. 
Here's the illuminated manuscript.  It explains the story of three of the knights from the First Crusade and their quest for the Holy Grail.  It also speaks of a marker that tells where the grail is hidden.

This tablet is one of those markers.  Unfortunately it's incomplete.

Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) made a rubbing of the tablet.

And once Henry Jones Jr. (Harrison Ford) found the second knight's shield he finished the rubbing and discovered the Grail was hidden in Alexandretta.

The shield of Sir Richard?  Yep, this exhibit has got that too.

Some closer views of the panels on the shield.

Chain and pin belonging to the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, whose members are sworn to protect the location of the Grail.

Theresa is enjoying the next exhibit.

It happens to be the holy grail of all the exhibits, literally!
The painting above Henry Jones Sr's fireplace.
Another Grail painting in Henry Jones Sr's house.

The Grail diary that was so pivotal to the movie's plot.  There are so many pages I would have liked to see in here, like the stained glass window sketch, Adolf Hilter's signature or the map to the Grail. It's odd they chose this page to display, which was only shown on screen for a second during Indy's flight to Italy.

Which one is the real Grail?  Choose wisely. For as the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail shall take it from you.

This certainly is the cup of the King of Kings.

He chose poorly.

It would not be made out of gold.  That's the cup of a carpenter.

And that's the Holy Grail.

And that was the end of the Indiana Jones exhibit.  Wow, we've seen some pretty incredible props from the movies.  The only thing I'd really wished I could have seen was the Cross of Coranado from The Last Crusade (which I'm told was in a previous display but there wasn't room here at the Discovery Science Center).  The exhibit ends on April 21st so I really suggest you try to come visit this......   


What's this...... 


Please say it didn't really happen.  There couldn't have been a movie searching for magnetic alien bones.

We certainly wouldn't go halfway around the world looking for a professor who had gone crazy by staring at said crystal alien skull.

While being pursued by a Russian psychic.

One of the thirteen aliens that comes back to life when the skull is placed next to the rest of the body, cause that makes sense.

Follow the lines in the earth only gods can read

Indiana Jones certainly wouldn't be caught on the back seat of a motorcycle.  I'm sure he'd rather stay and fight anyone than ride back there.

Because when I think of Indiana Jones, I always picture him in his professor's suit.

Posted without comment.

Ugh, it's over.  Theresa would also like me to point out that she didn't even look at these items and preferred to sit on a bench instead.

All through the exhibit there were places you could interact with the mobile device you were given to find pieces of another artifact.  There were 10 separate missions which ranged from identifying which of the two headpieces were the correct one, to locating symbols on the wall and using the proximity device in your device to tell you when you found it. At the end, what you found along with your name was displayed along with other adventurers.

Also at the end there were some fun displays to play with.  There was a great weight guessing game with a fertility idol and sand bags of various sizes.  When you thought you had it right you press a button and it lit up green if you were correct or red if you were wrong.

Guess who got it right on the first try?

There was also a Staff of Ra exhibit where you learned about diffraction.

Theresa is highlighting the top of this pyramid.

Plus they even had a sandbox that younger kids could dig through.

I keep seeing more and more of these automatic photo spots.  This one posted to facebook, twitter or youtube, but wouldn't email a photo. I guess I'll just have to take a photo of the screen then.

Next we went to see the Bubblefest show.  For only $2 extra on our regular ticket, we weren't expecting too much out of it, but we were pleasantly surprised.

When we were let in there was a guy in a lab coat who warmed up the crowd with various true/false bubble questions and bubble jokes.

We were told that all photos and video were forbidden during the show.  Instead, I found a youtube video of Danny Yang, our bubble artist today.

And the finale was great!  There were an insane amount of bubbles.

Our last stop was a strange model of the Endeavour.  Good thing we already saw the real thing last year.

Time to head to Disneyland to do some Easter egg hunting!


  1. We went there around Christmas to check out the Indiana Jones exhibit & got to see a bunch of neat gingerbread houses, but Bubblefest looks like it was a lot of fun! Did you get to try out the pulley system? It looks roped off in the pics but that was kinda cool when we went. Also, I have a request for you guys if you're up for spending a little extra time in line for Indy one day... Let me know!

    1. We didn't get to try the pulley system. It was roped off when we started the day, and when we finished there were quite a few kids in line for it. It looked like fun though.

      I'm not sure when our next trip to the park will be, but sure, what did you have in mind?

  2. You may have already done this, but it's kind of fun regardless... Do you know how to read Marabic (aka Maraglyphics)? If not, study up & memorize them or bring a cheat sheet. Back when the ride first opened, they handed us decoder cards to help pass time in the long line (I remember waiting 3.5 hrs). There's also a few other fun things to do & look for while in line that most people don't know about. Do your research & bring a flashlight (:

    A few years ago, before we had kids, we let people pass us as we went through the entire queue & decoded everything we could find since it had been so long since I had done it before. One of the cast members even laughed at us & told us that they were just a bunch of symbols that didn't mean anything. Haha! Anyways, there's a paper that we forgot to translate in Jones' office right after the projector room. We noticed it last time when we were in the single rider line. You will need to get fastpasses or wait standby to do the other decoding though.