Friday, April 11, 2014

Myers visit and biking in Hermosa

Ian is getting more visitors! Don, Amy, Abby and Austin are all out from Michigan

Austin and Donald came first on Tuesday. Even though they got in at Ian's bedtime, he perked right up and was excited for all the attention.

He's so full of smiles and giggles.

And he had a fascination with Don's goatee.

But like I said, it's bedtime. Austin read Ian one of his favorite stories and then it was time to go to sleep.

The next day was Wednesday and time for Amy and Abby to arrive. Again it was Ian's bedtime, but he was awake and ready for some visitors. 

Hi Abby! 

And hi Amy!

Amy was really excited! 

 So what to do while they're here? It was a beautiful Friday so we're headed to the beach!

You're leaving me? That's okay buddy; you're in good hands with Grammy and Grandpa.

Today we're doing something we've never done before! Renting bikes and cruising the Strand!

Very close to the Hermosa pier is Hermosa Cyclery

Just around the side is the rental counter. Not a bad deal either. Only $7 an hour for a one-speed beach cruiser.

Theresa's excited! Why?

Because she's not riding a bike today. Hermosa Cyclery rents something Theresa has always wanted to try. The ElliptiGO! Combination elliptical and bicycle, this sells for $2200-$3500 depending on which model you choose. A little pricey to buy on a whim, but for just $20/hour you can rent it!

How hard is it to ride? Here's Theresa's very first attempt at riding. 

 Also feeling bold, Amy decided to rent one as well!

And we're off!

There's the photographer.

It was a beautiful day in Hermosa. Blue skies and warm temperatures. 

Riding in Hermosa is great, but the Strand is a little crowded with people riding bikes, runners, dog walkers, etc. 

So it was really great when we got to Manhattan Beach. Here there's a bike path and it's a little bit more wide open. We rode and admired the houses.

We went all the way down to the end of Manhattan Beach. Then it was time to head back.

Those ElliptiGO bikes were turning heads. Lots of people made comments as we passed, asking how we liked them and wondering if they were fun. We also saw more than one person take a photo as we rode by.
So how did we like the ElliptiGO? Theresa and I rode it the most, and we had similar experiences. They were very easy to get up and start riding. They don't have a very tight turning radius, but for our purposes, that didn't matter too much. We found it much less strenuous than riding a bike as well. Balancing was fine, except if you wanted to only hold the handlebars with one hand. Then it got precarious. Overall, we enjoyed it!

What a beautiful way to spend a morning!

We all had smiles as we left!


  1. Sounds fun! Maybe next time we come out we can do that :) I've seen the ElliptiGos around town too. People have taken them on long climbs, like through Garden of the Gods. I'm not sure how they do it!

    1. Sounds good to me! I can't see the ElliptiGO working too well in Garden of the Gods. Even though it has gears, it was tough going up even the small hills on the Strand.

  2. Here's a clip of them at work. Even with the "cyclist advantage" I don't think I would have any skill on it :)